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Accessory Packs


The crossbow is a powerful and efficient weapon that is highly appreciated by shooters. Coming in several categories, the crossbow is accessible to the general public. Moreover, its price is also affordable. However, it is a weapon that must be used in a responsible way. As it can cause damage to property and especially to people, the use of a crossbow must be well secured. 

Accessory packs to equip your crossbow

Crossbow accessories can be very numerous and varied. However, these accessories are not mandatory. They just serve to equip and make the use of your weapon or its maintenance more practical. These crossbow accessories can be sold by piece or by pack. It is up to you to decide what suits you best. However, for accessories that wear out easily, we advise you to buy packs. This will save you from having to buy the same items over and over again and will also allow you to benefit from a reduced price for all your crossbow accessories.

Hattila: your best archery and armory 

If you are looking for a good place to buy guns and archery products, trust Hattila. This company sells all types of weapons, especially crossbows, and offers a wide range of products for hunting and shooting.  At Hattila, you will surely find your weapon as well as the accessories that go with it. You can find for example mini crossbow guns, hunting knives, bows, accessories of all kinds and more.  Please feel free to browse through our site to see what products you are looking for. We have a large stock of products that will surely please you.



Crossbow accessory packs are effective solutions for shooters of all skill levels. Instead of spending a fortune on accessories and having to search high and low for special accessories, we offer these various accessory packs. Whether you are using mini crossbows or large crossbows, these packs are advantageous because the items that make up the packs are all of good quality while we sell all the packs at a really low price.

The advantages of crossbow accessory packs

Hattila is the reference in the sale of crossbows and various crossbow accessories and offers you different packs ready to equip your powerful throwing weapon. It should be noted that these packs are special, because they are not identical. Indeed, if you want to buy an accessory pack, it is sure that only you have this type of pack. Therefore, the components of your pack are unique and each pack really coincides with the needs of the person who buys it. At Hattila, in order to diversify your choice of accessories, we put together packs that will meet your expectations and needs. You are therefore free to choose the equipment for your hunting or leisure weapon. The other advantage with these packs is also the freedom to choose if you want to use your component or not. If at the last moment you don't like to use some of the accessories in your pack. You can always not use them. You can also exchange them with your shooter friends' accessories if it suits him.

What makes Hattila different from other armories?

First of all, Hattila offers its customers a wide variety of hunting and leisure guns. The same applies to accessories for crossbows. For example, you can find the 12 plastic arrows for one-handed crossbows 50 and 80 lbs; upgrade kit 175 lbs for crossbows 150 lbs; the Absolute Pack for crossbows 120-180 lbs; pack of 6 carbon arrows for crossbows + 6 hunting tips, etc. 

Hattila can also sell exclusively certain accessories. After all, you will always find what you have been looking for with us. The most concrete example is the 16 inch 8mm diameter hunting crossbow arrows. We can say that these arrows are rare because of their property, but you will not find them at other crossbow accessory websites. 

It should be noted

Even if you have several choices of crossbow accessory packs, you should realize before your purchase that each accessory pack corresponds to a particular weapon. You should be very careful about what you decide to buy so as not to damage your weapon or cause danger to others. If you don't know which pack is right for your weapon, you can always ask our advice.

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