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Beginner competition bows

More than any other archery disciplines, competition requires the use of superior equipment. The type of bows and accessories that can be used are even regulated. If you are a beginner in this field, Hattila.com has gathered the best models of competition bows for beginners here. A wide selection of models and accessories that comply with the standards governing competition weapons in archery awaits you at your online archery shop. Make your choice with peace of mind!

What are the competition bows?

Contrary to the initiation bow, generally made of wood, the competitor's bow is more powerful, but also more expensive. Moreover, its handling requires technique. But you should know that there are different types of competition bows:

  • The classic or recurve competition bow: it is the only bow allowed at the Olympic Games. It leaves the archer many possibilities in terms of adjustments. Combined with the mastery of the shooting technique, it improves the performance. It is also the standard bow recommended by the French Archery Federation.
  • The compound bow: more powerful and more precise, it is commonly used on long distance courses. However, it requires adjustments, precision and technique mastering. Depending on the discipline practiced, it can integrate various accessories: stabilizer, sight, launcher, dampener, silencer, etc.
  • The barebow: this traditional bow is equipped with a minimum of accessories, just a launcher, a berger button and a weight as a stabilizer. Because of its structure, the sighting and draw are the same as a hunting bow, i.e. by adjusting your fingers according to the shooting distance. It is also called "barbowtage".

There are other types of competition bows intended for other activities, such as recreational shooting.

How to choose for a novice in competition shooting?

If you are wondering how to choose a beginner's competition bow, you can get advice from your coach or the more experienced archers in your club. In particular, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Your level of practice: ponder about your actual level of practice when choosing the right competition bow, or whether another type of bow would be more adequate.
  • Your independence: competing with a competition bow requires not only mastery of the shooting technique, but also frequent practice and regular scores.
  • The mastery of the bow: you must be able to do all small task related to the tool (assembly, sharpening test and maintenance, measuring of the brace height, choice of arrows per draw length, small repairs, etc.).
  • Your budget: you can buy either the entry-level, medium or high-end all-in-one kits. They contain a pair of risers, a berger button, limbs, a sight, a stabilizer, a launcher, a bowstring plus storage case. They are evolutionary bows that can follow your progress. There are also the risers & limbs bundle, often more expensive with no other accessories. Here again, you have to select the handle and the limbs with great care. Price, material, shape, weight, rigidity and technical and aesthetic quality are the factors to consider.

If you plan to compete periodically, you will also need to buy a stronger bow. Be it beginners competition bows or else, hunting bows, traditional bows, longbows for hunting, 3D shooting, leisure and so on, find everything you need at Hattila.com.




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Ek Archery Crusader Recurve... Ek Archery Crusader Recurve... 2
In stock
Beginner competition bows

EK Archery
Are you new to bow shooting? Don't hesitate any longer, the Ek Archery Crusader recurve bow is a bow for beginners, compact, lightweight, and not very powerful, which makes it ideal for young archers as well as beginners.
EK Archery Korrigan Recurve...
Sur commande
Beginner competition bows

EK Archery
Are you looking for a highly reliable traditional bow for beginners? The EK Archery recurve bow is probably what you need! This bow is lightweight and with a draw weight of 15-20 pounds, it is ideal for young archers who want to learn the basics of archery. It is ideal for shooters between 14 and 18 years old. Its limbs are made of strong and flexible...
Ek Archery Beetle Recurve Bow
Sur commande
Beginner competition bows

EK Archery
Don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself to this junior traditional bow! The Ek Archery Beetle recurve bow is an excellent bow to introduce children to the world of archery, with high-quality equipment from a leading brand on the archery market.
Sanlida Miracle X10 Bow Package
Sur commande
Traditional Bow Kits

Introduce your kids to archery with this Sanlida Miracle X10 bow package! This beginners' bows model features an advanced limb tips design, making the initial speed faster.
Ek Archery Chameleon...
Sur commande
Beginner competition bows

EK Archery
Want to give your young archer a good start? The Ek Archery Chameleon recurve bow is the ideal one! With a simple and pleasant design, this bow is both lightweight and well-balanced. This beginner bow allows children to easily refine their archery technique.

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