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Cheap competition bows

In order to participate in archery competitions, you will necessarily need a competition bow. You can also use it for training and development. However, competition bows happen to be more expensive than beginner bows or classic bows. So for smaller budgets, Hattila has put together the cheapest competition bows here. Although they are competitively priced, our models will always impress you with their quality and reliability. They come from more or less well-known brands, carefully selected by your online archery. You will find in our selection of bows and cheap accessories reliable models at the best value for money.

A bit of history

Archery is a precision sport as it consists of using the bow and arrow to shoot and aim at a target. Before the year 1500, this throwing weapon was mainly used for hunting and warfare. Since then, archery has become a hobby and a sport. The first competitions date back to 1583 and took place in England. This discipline was introduced at the Olympic Games in 1900, 1904, 1908 and 1920, but it will only be taken up again in 1972.

Choose your competition bow according to your discipline

There are different practices in competitive shooting, it can also be a departmental, regional, national or international level championship. Every time you shoot, you must choose your shooting equipment according to the regulations. In particular, the shooting distance, the size of the coat of arms or the authorized materials are variable and evolve according to the practice (outdoor shooting, 3D shooting, indoor shooting, field shooting, ski archery, horseback shooting, prehistoric shooting, Run Archery, Animal round, etc.).

During international competitions, archers can use different types of competition bow :

  • classical or recurve bow: the limbs, a string, a scope, a stabilizer, an arrow rest, a clicker and a berger button are mounted on the handle. It may be possible to reduce the vibrations by adding additional dampers. It is suitable, for example, for outdoor shooting and Olympic disciplines.
  • Barebow: As the name suggests, this bow is completely barebow. It is just equipped with arrow rest, berger button and a weight (for stabilization). The absence of a sight forces the archer to adjust his fingers according to the shooting distance. This throwing weapon is used for indoor shooting.
  • Compound or compound bow: the bow riser serves as a support for the limbs, pulleys, rope and two cables, scope, arrow rest and stabilizer. Sometimes it is also equipped with rope stops, dampers, cable spreaders and other accessories. This weapon is also suitable for outdoor shooting.

To buy cheap competition bows on Hattila?

A wide selection of cheap competition bows models is waiting for you at Hattila.com. Whatever your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) or age (cadet, junior, senior, veteran) or gender (male or female), find the bow that suits you best and save money by buying from your online archery store.

Hattila also offers quality bows, crossbows and archery accessories that are accessible to all budgets. If you are looking for reliable and affordable bows not only for competition, but also for hunting, initiation, outdoor, indoor, 3D shooting, etc., browse through our site and discover our recurve bows, traditional bows, compound bows, bow kits for beginners as well as all our accessories (arrows, quivers, scopes and ropes).

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