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Adult beginner bows

Regardless of your age, it's never too late to learn new things, especially to start a leisure or sports activity such as archery. Archery is a sport in which a person tries to shoot the center of a target with a bow, the weapon, and an arrow.

Before you start, you must equip yourself with the necessary equipment. That’s why, this article aims to introduce you to some notions about bows as an adult and a beginner. Discover with the help of Hattila’s experts how to choose a beginner’s bow for adult.

How to choose a beginner’s bow for adult

You can buy a bow for your own pleasure, but as a beginner your choice have to be different from advanced level practitioner. Even if the size of the bow will always be the same, the most important things to know when considering buying your bow are the draw length and your size. Indeed, the bow should always be adapted to your morphology.

So, before you make your choice, determine your draw length for a more stable sighting. Soft limbs are recommanded for a pleasant comfort during the shooting. This helps a lot as a beginner. But your size is also a determining factor in the choice of your bow. It will allow you to choose a bow of adequate height.

As a beginner, a bow with a rather low draw weight would be better to be able to correct your mistakes. It has the advantage of being more flexible technically speaking and less tiring.

The different accessories of a beginner's bow for adult

Even if you are a beginner, it is still important that you have all the accessories needed for archery. All-in-one kits are offered by specialist vendors. These kits include: a riser, a pair of limbs, a berger button, a sight, a stabilizer, a launcher, a storage case and a string.


To shoot, the archer holds the riser. This is the part in which the limbs are mounted.


The limbs are the flexible parts of the bow. They are always in pairs, one at the top and one at the bottom. They determine the draw weight as well as the size of the bow. They are also a way to determine the grip.

Berger button

This accessory is fixed on the bow to allow to straighten the arrow when it comes out of the bow window.


As its name suggests, the sight allows you to aim at the target.


For more stability, it helps to balance and weigh down the bow. It also helps to dampen the vibrations due to the shooting of an arrow. Thanks to the stabilizer, the bow can tilt forward when shooting. Its main role then is to stabilize the bow. In order to facilitate the control of the bow, the stabilizer must not be too heavy.


It is placed on the riser at the level of the bow window. The launcher is necessary to have a support point for the arrow when it is notched on the string.

Storage case

The case helps to transport all the equipment. It also serves as protection for your bow.


To propel the arrow, a string is necessary. It joins the two ends of a bow.

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