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Children's bows

As adults, children can also discover and practice archery. It' s also the perfect sport for them - indeed, many are interested in it. Besides being a hobby, archery also promotes children's qualities such as autonomy and concentration. That's why the children's bow or the junior bow was designed. Although bows are designed to throw arrows, every bow is different. When you choose a bow, consider that your child is going to grow up, so it is better to choose a larger bow instead of the smaller one.

How to choose a bow for a child?

To ensure that your children can practice archery safely, you should choose a bow that fits their morphology. First of all, you must select the draw length and size of the bow making them feel comfortable. However, options are different if the bow is used for pleasure and for a competition.

For hobby use

Bows hobby kits are designed and adapted to children for their pleasure. For maximum safety, choose a sucker-point bow with low-poundage. These bows are designed for 5 to 10 meters shooting, and they can even be used in your garden.

For competition

Very quickly, a child can progress in competition. Opt for a bow with a classic riser. Usually, these bows have detachable but very strong limbs. Their limbs are made of top quality wood. The arrows are made either of aluminum or wood.

Size vs. draw length

The draw length always depends on the shooter. Defined as the distance, it increases with child's growth. The draw length is measured with an arrow graduated in inches. It is necessary to take this value to determine which arrow size your child can use. So, before choosing a bow, it is very important to know your child's draw length.

Tips for choosing your children's bow

To avoid choosing the wrong bow, here are some tips to help you choose your children's bow.

Choosing the right store

Please always choose the place where you buy your bow and its accessories. Opt for a reputable, professional and reliable store. You can also opt for an online archery and get your bow for beginner delivered to your home. Hattila is a reference in terms of online archery.

Choosing the right draw weight

The draw weight depends on the child's physical strength and on the practice he or she intends to do. For a child between 9 and 12 years old, a bow strength between 12 and 16lbs is recommended.

Consider the equipment benefits

A bow can be made with different materials. Every design is different. Choose a bow with solid alloys, but still easy to use.

Choose the right size

Referring also to the draw length, the child's size defines the bow selection. Remember that the draw length will successively change for a child.


As different from each other, no matter what you choose, all bows will be profitable.

  • Longbows are more robust. The limb length helps to stabilize the shot.
  • The short bow is more flexible. Thanks to its energy, the shot is faster.
  • The strong bow lets you shoot at longer distances. On the other hand, it gets tired faster.
  • The weak bow is the most suitable for a beginner. It is more flexible, easy to use and less tiring.



Draw length

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€10.00 - €150.00
Ek Archery Beetle Recurve Bow
In stock
Beginner competition bows

Ek Archery Beetle Recurve Bow

EK Archery
Don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself to this junior traditional bow! The Ek Archery Beetle recurve bow is an excellent bow to introduce children to the world of archery, with high-quality equipment from a leading brand on the archery market.
Ek Archery Crusader Recurve... Ek Archery Crusader Recurve... 2
In stock
Beginner competition bows

Ek Archery Crusader Recurve Bow

EK Archery
Are you new to bow shooting? Don't hesitate any longer, the Ek Archery Crusader recurve bow is a bow for beginners, compact, lightweight, and not very powerful, which makes it ideal for young archers as well as beginners.
EK Archery Buster Compound Bow
In stock
Junior compound bows

EK Archery Buster Compound Bow

EK Archery
Discover this amazingly easy to use junior compound bow! The Ek Archery Buster compound bow is a small, compact compound bow, ideal for children or young adults who want to get familiar with compound bow shooting. Thanks to its short length of 25 inches, it is easy to handle and transport. The draw weight and the draw length of the bow are easily...
EK Archery Korrigan Recurve...
Beginner competition bows

EK Archery Korrigan Recurve Bow

EK Archery
Are you looking for a highly reliable traditional bow for beginners? The EK Archery recurve bow is probably what you need! This bow is lightweight and with a draw weight of 15-20 pounds, it is ideal for young archers who want to learn the basics of archery. It is ideal for shooters between 14 and 18 years old. Its limbs are made of strong and flexible...
EK Archery Kirupira...
Junior compound bows

EK Archery Kirupira Compound Bow

EK Archery
Do you want excellent junior bow and young beginners? The Ek Archery Kirupira compound bow is an bow that offers maximum fun for young beginners. It is of high quality and very easy to use with simple settings and is perfectly suitable for children.
Ek Archery Chameleon...
Junior compound bows

Ek Archery Chameleon Compound Bow

EK Archery
The Ek Archery Chameleon compound bow is an entry-level bow designed to introduce young archers to the world of compound bows. Its ambidextrous design makes it a perfect solution for everyone and promises fun for children and parents alike.
Ek Archery Firestar...
Junior compound bows

Ek Archery Firestar Compound Bow

EK Archery
Discover this compact compound bow, designed for young archers or beginners, with incredible power and precision! Its 65% let-off and a draw weight of 25 lbs make the Ek Archery Firestar compound bow an ideal bow to begin and enter the exciting world of archery.
Ek Archery Chameleon...
Beginner competition bows

Ek Archery Chameleon Recurve Bow

EK Archery
Want to give your young archer a good start? The Ek Archery Chameleon recurve bow is the ideal one! With a simple and pleasant design, this bow is both lightweight and well-balanced. This beginner bow allows children to easily refine their archery technique.
Bear Warrior Compound Bow Bear Warrior Compound Bow 2
Compound bows

Bear Warrior Compound Bow

Put all the chances on your young archer side! Designed by Bear Archery, America's number 1 brand for young archery, the Bear Warrior compound bow is the ideal bow for children who want to venture into the world of archery. This versatile package will be the perfect companion for children of 11 years and older throughout their evolution as an archer.
White Feather Touch 44 inches Junior Recurve Bow White Feather Touch 44 inches Junior Recurve Bow 2
In stock
Children's bows

White Feather Touch 44 inches Junior Recurve Bow

White Feather
The Horesebow from White Feather Touch 44 inches junior recurve bow is excellent for traditional archery initiation. With its comfortable riser, your hands will easily take the correct position for maximum fluidity. Starting archery? Don't wait any longer and choose this beginner's bow which has the valuable advantage of being super light and easy to use!
Eagle Horsebow Dereck Recurve Bow 48 inches Eagle Horsebow Dereck Recurve Bow 48 inches 2
In stock
Traditional beginner bows

Eagle Horsebow Dereck Recurve Bow 48 inches

Beginners and young archers, this is your ideal bow! The design of the Eagle Horsebow Dereck recurve bow has been thought to lighten its weight. With an attractive design, this traditional wooden bow is suitable for both left and right handed shooters.
White Feather Petrel Clear Longbow White Feather Petrel Clear Longbow 2
In stock
English Longbows

White Feather Petrel Clear Longbow

White Feather
Here is a longbow with traditional style ideal for children. The White Feather Petrel Clear longbow will make your archer's apprentice happy with its compact and light size.

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