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Cheap bows for beginner

In France, bow archery includes 3 main disciplines: target shooting, course shooting and Beursaut shooting. This sport can be practiced all year round, either in competition or in leisure. Beyond being a simple hobby, archery is a complete sport providing many physical benefits. The French find that it is good for body and mind. They are interested in it because this sport builds self-confidence and brings many benefits. Archery links sport and health. But to start well in these disciplines and to learn well, you have to consider different elements for your safety.

Why does the price of a bow differ from one model to another?

Although there are many different models of bows, the prices are all different. Below are some criteria that differ in price from one model to another.

The brand

The brand is one of the factors that distinguish the price of a bow. Indeed, the duo quality and price are always found on such a bow brand. A big brand with a high symbolic value always attracts more and more purchasers, hence the price is always a little higher. The price increases as the brand becomes famous. It may then determine the price of a bow.

The quality

Flexibility, lightness, aesthetics and many other aspects make the price of a bow vary. A bow of higher quality will always be more expensive than a bow of average quality. The price of a high quality bow is therefore naturally higher than the price of a mid-range bow.

Accessories in addition

Apart from the basic accessories, additional accessories can also increase the price of a bow. Generally, these are the archer's accessories such as the strap, the quiver, the arm guard, the blade, the glove, the breastplate and the thumb ring. Let's take the example of the different protectors. There are the arm guards and the breastplate. Their use is not obligatory, but recommended to prevent the different rubbing of the rope on the skin or clothing.

The price of the materials used to make the bow

The price of the materials used to make a bow can also differentiate the price such as wood, aluminum, carbon.

How to find a cheap beginner's bow?

With an impressive number of bow maker products from all over the world, it can be difficult to know how to find a beginner's bow. You will find your cheap beginner's bow in various stores and on the internet, but the choice is often complicated. You may come across some great deals and incredible promotions, but to start your purchase modestly, define what you need. The bow should be tailored to its owner.

As a beginner, don't go for high-end bows, instead choose a nice, solid base bow to get you started. Be in contact with an archery store that can advise you on the brand, the use and with whom you can talk. Then, plan a budget for what you want to invest in the kit for later. No matter what you choose, the skill is always the skill. Join a club to get some advice to consider your evolution.

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