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Beginner hunting bows

Bow hunting requires not only regular and constant training, but also concentration and stamina. If you want to start hunting, several bow models for all levels, beginner or advanced are available at Hattila.com, such as classic, recurve or compound.

Whether you choose to hunt small game or big game by stalking or at a distance, adapted equipment is required so as not to miss your target, plus a hunting certificate in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Other than beginner's hunting bows, Hattila.com also provides you with complete accessories, such as carbon, aluminum or wooden arrows with steel tips and various protections. Recurve bows need, among other things, stabilizers or sights to improve their speed and performance.




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Eagle Horsebow Dereck Recurve Bow 48 inches Eagle Horsebow Dereck Recurve Bow 48 inches 2
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Traditional beginner bows

Beginners and young archers, this is your ideal bow! The design of the Eagle Horsebow Dereck recurve bow has been thought to lighten its weight. With an attractive design, this traditional wooden bow is suitable for both left and right handed shooters.
White Feather Petrel Clear Longbow White Feather Petrel Clear Longbow 2
Sold out
English Longbows

White Feather
Here is a longbow with traditional style ideal for children. The White Feather Petrel Clear longbow will make your archer's apprentice happy with its compact and light size.

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