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Grips and Spare Parts

Archery is an outdoor or indoor sport that combines pleasure, technicality and intense training. Mastering this discipline depends above all on a good hold on the bow , more precisely on the grip where the archer's hand will be fixed.

Easily interchangeable, the grips must adapt to the archer's hand to facilitate the hold, which will influence both the power and aiming. This equipment can be made of several materials, such as wood or plastic, and its recommended price is usually around €20.

The grips can be supplied with spare parts for 20lb recurve bows or 15lb recurve bows which allow you to maintain your equipment. In order to provide you with a complete equipment of excellent quality, Hattila offers you a wide range of archery equipment for beginners, adults, children and teenagers.

For archery beginners requiring a complete equipment, we also offer dismountable recurve bow kits or traditional children's bows.

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