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Pocket slingshots

The pocket slingshot is a modern and innovative version of the classic Y-shaped slingshot. This circular design recreates the ordinary slingshot by replacing the elastic strips with a conical latex pouch attached to a fiber-reinforced composite ring. It allows users to fire different types of projectiles (such as steel balls or even arrows) at three times the speed of a traditional slingshot. Simply place the ammunition in the pocket, stretch it and let it fly away. It's an incredibly effective throwing weapon and quite fun to use. It can reach a speed of 350 fps, or 384 km/h and is perfect for small game hunters and recreational activities.

Due to its small size, it is easy to store in a backpack or slip into a pocket, while storing ammunition in its waterproof compartment.

Hattila, your archery specialist, offers a wide range of pocket slingshots specially conceived to maximize power and accuracy. You will also find several types of projectiles as well for hunters and amateurs alike.

Pocket slingshot + spare... Pocket slingshot + spare... 2
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Pocket slingshots

Pocket slingshot + spare pocket

Do you want an outstanding slingshot to add more fun to your shooting sessions? Get the pocket slingshot, this revolutionary design will give you a unique shooting experience! Thanks to its innovative design, it allows you to launch different types of projectiles such as steel balls at a flight speed of 319 fps (350 km/h), which is 2 to 3 times higher...
Red arrow pocket for... Red arrow pocket for... 2
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Pocket slingshots

Red arrow pocket for slingshots

Who said that arrows were only for bows and crossbows? It is also possible to shoot arrows with your pocket slingshot! Ideal for catching game and shooting targets, Hattila offers you red arrow pockets for your slingshot for an outstanding speed and shooting power.
Spare pocket for a pocket... Spare pocket for a pocket... 2
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Pocket slingshots

Spare pocket for a pocket slingshot

Although the pocket for pocket slingshots are designed to be durable with a high-quality latex formula, they need to be replaced after several uses. Hattila provides you with spare pockets so that you are always equipped for your slingshot sessions.
Pocket slingshot with wrist... Pocket slingshot with wrist... 2
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Pocket slingshots

Pocket slingshot with wrist rest + spare pocket

The pocket slingshot is a modern version of a traditional slingshot with an innovative design created a few years ago. It is built with extraordinary power and is easy to transport. The slingshot with wrist rest gives you a more stable grip for even more accurate and fast shots!
20 Rubber arrow protectors... 20 Rubber arrow protectors... 2
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Pocket slingshots

20 Rubber arrow protectors for slingshot

The arrow notch caps are required for shooting arrows with the pocket slingshot. Cover the pointed notch to avoid damaging it and tearing the pocket when shooting. You will receive a set of 20 rubber protectors for your arrows.
Whisker arrow rest for... Whisker arrow rest for... 2
Pocket slingshots

Whisker arrow rest for slingshots

You need a whisker biscuit so you can shoot arrows with your pocket slingshot. It is an arrow rest for slingshot that allows you to hold the arrow via a screwing system. So that you are always well equipped for the projectile you want to use during your shooting sessions, Hattila offers you this high-quality whisker.

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