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Pocket shots slingshots

The pocket slingshot is a modern and innovative version of the classic Y-shaped slingshot. This circular design recreates the ordinary slingshot by replacing the elastic strips with a conical latex pouch attached to a fiber-reinforced composite ring. It allows users to fire different types of projectiles (such as steel balls or even arrows) at three times the speed of a traditional slingshot. Simply place the ammunition in the pocket, stretch it and let it fly away. It's an incredibly effective throwing weapon and quite fun to use. It can reach a speed of 350 fps, or 384 km/h and is perfect for small game hunters and recreational activities.

Due to its small size, it is easy to store in a backpack or slip into a pocket, while storing ammunition in its waterproof compartment.

Hattila, your archery specialist, offers a wide range of pocket slingshots specially conceived to maximize power and accuracy. You will also find several types of projectiles as well for hunters and amateurs alike.

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