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Fishing with a slingshot

If you are a passionate fisherman and outdoor activity enthusiast, it is important to have the right equipment. After all, what's the point of spending time and energy on fishing if your equipment isn't working as it should?

Just as effective as a fishing rod, fishing slingshots are used to hunt all kinds of fish, as well as alligators, rays, and sharks. The bigger the catch, the heavier the weight of the line should be. To achieve the best speed when you're fishing with a slingshot, you must match the right reel with the best line and arrow. This can vary depending on the fish you want to catch, where are you fishing, and the reel. Spinning reels generally offer the best speed and accuracy.

Hattila, your archery specialist, offers you a wide choice of high-quality fishing slingshots to satisfy all your needs and expectations as a fisherman-hunter. Get this throwing weapon to fish in a much more fun way! Also, discover all the ammunition necessary for your activity with our range of arrows for fishing slingshots.

32 inch fiber bow fishing... 32 inch fiber bow fishing... 2
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Fishing with a slingshot

Arrow for bow or slingshot fishing, fiber, fully equipped and ready to use.
Pocket slingshot with wrist... Pocket slingshot with wrist... 2
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Pocket slingshots

The pocket slingshot is a modern version of a traditional slingshot with an innovative design created a few years ago. It is built with extraordinary power and is easy to transport. The slingshot with wrist rest gives you a more stable grip for even more accurate and fast shots!
Slingshot with whisker to... Slingshot with whisker to... 2
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Fishing with a slingshot

Are you a hunter enthusiast or a target shooter? Discover an original way to enjoy your practice. This model of slingshot with whisker, allows you to shoot arrows, with a much lighter and more compact throwing weapon than any other! Offering an adequate throwing speed, it is ideal for small game hunting or fishing.
Reel kit + fastener for... Reel kit + fastener for... 2
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Fishing with a slingshot

Do you enjoy hunting or fishing? Thanks to our Kit, you can easily turn your crossbow or slingshot into an ideal hunting weapon! All you need is a 0.8 inch (21 mm) rail located under or on the side of your throwing weapon.

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