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Hattila, specialist in original weapons, offers a selection of machetes, knives and "cutting-cut". A machete, also called "cutting-cut", is a long knife that is used especially for adventurers in hostile areas. Ideal for survivalism, the machete is one of the "must have" for adventurers and lovers of survival as a small survival knife (folding knife, pocket knife, hunting knife ...). These tools are essential to possess in a survival kit.
Cutting machete adapted to survivalism

To handle with precision and concentration, the cutting-cutter makes it possible to clear a way by cutting branches, wood and even logs to make a fire. Its cutting surface is a valuable tool in nature. This multifunctional knife is also useful for hunting and performing various tasks necessary in a survival activity in a more or less hostile environment. The machete is very popular because it allows to perform several tasks (building shelter, traps or defend against wildlife ...) with the same tool: which implies less material to transport. Few materials resist the sharpness of its steel blade, making it a real ally in survival situations.
All machete models

Choosing the right knife is important for practicing survival or hunting.

Hattila, selling knives online, offers a beautiful range of machetes and survival knives perfectly adapted to survivalism. Find different sizes of blades, types of handles (handle rope or wood handle ...) and machete shapes according to your needs.

To fill the maximum number of users, there is a great diversity in the models offered: machete, tactical ax, katana, saber ... Most of these knives are sold with a leather case for machete specially designed.

The length of the machete or cutter is between a large knife and a small sword: between 40 cm in length and 1 meter! Having a machete is the best way to make your way through the forest / jungle. Sugar growers use just that. Be sure to sharpen this long blade white weapon in time.

On our site specializing in original weapons and survival equipment, you will also find other survival weapons and many essential accessories for survivalism: slingshot, firelighter, whistle, tactical flashlight ...

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