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Arbalètes Hori-Zone

Hori-Zone is a Taiwanese outdoor equipment manufacturer specializing in crossbows, archery and crossbow accessories. It is known for its world-class products that it deploys internationally. The brand is one of the crossbow suppliers of our online archery shop. Here you can find Hori-Zone's compound crossbows, repeating crossbows, hunting crossbows and pistol crossbows as well as the accessories offered by the manufacturer.

Hori-Zone offers you items with excellent value for money. Whether it's crossbows, bows, complete packages or accessories, the price ranges are extensive so you can find the model or models that fit your budget. Choose from our selection of in-stock crossbows and accessories listed below.

Why a Hori-Zone crossbow?

Hori-Zone crossbows are the result of nearly 10 years of experience in designing outdoor equipment. They combine various advantages to appeal to users of all levels. One of the brand's goals is to provide high-quality projectile weapons and equipment to all crossbow hunting and recreational shooting enthusiasts. Therefore, it comes to offer robust and reliable crossbow models for male and female users of different ages with different physical abilities. They perform well but are also safe in different shooting situations. In addition to its high-quality products, Hori-Zone also applies a policy of customer loyalty by offering impeccable customer service to its customers.

Because every hunter or shooter is looking for the perfect spot and the perfect weapon for the perfect shot, Hori-Zone has designed product lines for that precise moment, to create that moment that you will treasure and cherish for a lifetime.

The different types of crossbow products from the brand

  • Compound crossbows: Hori-Zone offers some of the most powerful models on the market. They are practical and offer great power for hunting, recreational, or competition shooting. 
  • Hunting crossbows: between hunting crossbows equipped with or without pulleys, Hori-Zone has designed several ranges to meet the demands of the greatest number of people. They are adapted to different user profiles.
  • Pistol crossbow: these automatic crossbows come in several models with different powers at Hori-Zone. They are ideal for shooters who are new to the sport and are learning target shooting.
  • Repeating crossbows: you can also buy Hori-Zone repeating crossbows. Remember that these lever-action crossbows are appreciated for the possibility of shooting several bolts in a row without having to reload.
  • Accessories: to replace the accessories provided or to use your crossbows in optimal conditions, you can purchase strings, cables, spare limbs, crank cocking device, arrows, etc. compatible with Hori-Zone crossbows.

Hori-Zone crossbow highlights

The main advantages of Hori-Zone crossbows can be summarized in several points:

Functionality and safety

Hori-Zone strives to make its projectile weapons more functional, without compromising the fun and excitement of shooting. With adjustable stocks, precise cocking mechanisms, and various options, grip, and use are made easier. Even maintenance becomes easier. If you're looking for easy-to-handle and easy-to-cook crossbows, you need only look at their product lines to make the right choice. 


Hori-Zone crossbows are safe weapons. The brand has thought out the design and cocking systems to be as practical and safe as possible. Whether it is during assembly, during cocking, during the loading of the bolts, or the shooting, the safety mechanism prevents the risk of accidents.


The Hori-Zone brand uses the latest technology available in crossbow technology to ensure the reliability and safety of its shooting weapons. Their design and options are more modern. When you choose Hori-Zone's crossbows, you will be getting quality models with great designs and designed for safe use.

Complete packages

Most Hori-Zone crossbows come with all the accessories needed to make the weapon work properly. Complete packages include, for example, arrows, quivers, a rope cocker, an adjustable stock, and a scope. Thus, the user will receive a weapon ready to shoot and will be able to shoot as soon as he receives the product.

The quality-price ratio

Hori-Zone crossbows offer unbeatable value for money. For crossbow ranges of the brand's quality, these models are very affordable. Take advantage of the best prices yet by ordering your Hori-Zone crossbow and accessories from Hattila. We offer a fast delivery service, free of charge from 90 € and with the possibility of return within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

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