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Killer Instinct Crossbows

The Killer Instinct brand 

Killer Instinct is one of the best crossbow brands on the market. Founded in 2012 in the United States, this brand keeps on winning over several hunters as it produces quality hunting equipment that perfectly meets their needs. 

Killer Instinct is actually a world-renowned crossbow brand. It offers luxury equipment and high-end products all over the world. We can say that it is the must-have brand for hunters. 

Killer Instinct stands out from its competitors because of the high performance products it offers. Even though the crossbows it has designed are all high-end, their price is affordable and within everyone's reach. 

Killer Instinct crossbows come with accessories so that hunters can use them right after purchase. 

The design of the crossbows offered by this brand is what hunters are looking for: strong, light and balanced. Moreover, it designs crossbows that are easy to carry and comfortable to use. 

Firing speed is also one of the advantages of this brand. Once the arrow is shot, it can easily reach the bottom of the target.

It should also be noted that the crossbows of this brand are suitable for both experienced hunters and beginners.

How to choose your killer instinct crossbow? 

To choose the right killer instinct crossbow, you need to start by defining what you really need (type of crossbow, power required, its practicality, etc.).

Generally, the power of killer instinct crossbows range from 190 to 220 lbs. To determine the right power, think about the activity you practice. For target shooting, we recommend that you choose a killer instinct crossbow with a low power. However, if you want to use it for sport shooting or crossbow hunting, we advise you to turn to crossbows with higher power. 

When it comes to the type of crossbow (classic crossbow or compound crossbow), you need to weigh the pros and cons of both formats. Classic crossbows are reliable and easier to use. Compound crossbows, on the other hand, are ideal for hunting. Then, also think about its features (weight, size, shooting speed, settings, materials, etc.). 

And don't forget that your budget can also influence your choice.

The best crossbows of the brand 

Killer Instinct has manufactured several types of crossbows. To help you make your choice, here are its best products.

Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow (195 lbs 405 fps)

The Killer Instinct fatal X crossbow is the perfect accessory for hunting enthusiasts. It features an ultra-thin profile to hit the target at a speed of 405 fps. Thanks to the X-CAM technology, you will be able to cock it easily. By using this crossbow, your shooting will be smoother and quieter. It is an adjustable model that has a multi-position stock for custom lengthening. This crossbow weighs only 3.3 kg.

The Killer Instinct Boss Crossbow (220 lbs 405 fps)

The Killer Instinct Boss crossbow is a very powerful crossbow. With its 220 lbs of power, it can shoot arrows at the speed of 405 fps. This crossbow weighs only 3kg. It is an adjustable model. Indeed, the 6-position AR style stock can shorten the overall length of the crossbow. This means it can accommodate smaller frame hunters, medium and larger shooters. Thanks to its microlite aluminum barrel, you could eliminate excess weight and have more accuracy during your shots. It should be noted that it comes with a Dead Silent kit to produce deadly results.

The killer instinct speed crossbow (210 lbs 425 fps)

The killer instinct speed crossbow is the most powerful and fastest crossbow. It weighs 3.26 kg. Its power is 210 lbs and it can shoot arrows at a speed of 425 fps. This speed can be very well controlled with the scope that comes with the pack. The stock offers 5 adjustment positions for a personalized fit and to perform better while shooting. With this crossbow, you will be able to shoot with precision.

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180 - 220

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405 - 425


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