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AXE Crossbows

Axe is a brand of crossbows that has just arrived on the crossbow market. It is mainly specialized in the design of high-quality hunting crossbows. It targets both beginners and more experienced users. Its projectile weapons, including the new AX405 and the latest AX440, are very popular with the public. The manufacturer wants to break all barriers by offering crossbow shooting enthusiasts, more precisely crossbow hunting enthusiasts, increasingly powerful weapons. Axe products and crossbows are available at Hattila, your expert archery shop.

The Axe brand

Axe by Feradyne Outdoor has quickly become a leader in the hunting crossbow industry through research and development of exclusive and advanced technologies to make its crossbows ever more effective, practical and safe to use. If you are looking for the perfect weapon to hunt wild boar, deer, hares, pheasants, coyotes, foxes, groundhogs, etc., this brand's crossbows will offer you an unprecedented shooting experience.

An Axe crossbow was forged for fury in the field. In hunting or survival situations, you'll have a reliable weapon you can count on. Whether it's the AX405 or the AX440, each has been designed to deliver performance that far exceeds conventional crossbows on the market. Their balance is enhanced by advanced anti-vibration and anti-noise systems. Each also offers hyper-accurate shooting in addition to a first-class safety system. The high quality of design easily explains the high price.

Would you like to buy and test one of Axe's high-end crossbows for small or large game hunting? Please feel free to order from our store where we also offer various crossbow accessories.

Why choose an Axe crossbow?

Axe crossbows are the epitome of performance, featuring an exclusive design and a number of strengths.

Unique design

Axe crossbows are characterized by a sleek, compact look and unique design. In these models, the limbs are split and reversed. There are no more one-piece aluminum rails like you find on conventional crossbow designs (they reduce speed). Instead, they have a stock, riser and floating arrow system to propel shots at any speed. This unique system was designed to improve arrow speed and accuracy by reducing friction and torque along the arrow's trajectory.

Unprecedented speed

These high-powered weapons are capable of firing at any speed, over 340 km/h (over 400 fps). Already, the weapon is easy to handle, especially when you have to handle it or put it on your shoulder. Its weight is centered on the shooter's hand. Their specific configuration eliminates the torque at the limbs and the tilt of the crossbow cams, hence their great stability and balance. These Axe crossbows are used with proven small-diameter arrow sets, ensuring extreme accuracy, durability, penetration and safety.

In short, all the parts of these crossbows have been designed to work more efficiently, with less vibration and less noise. Their ingenious systems optimize their velocity and accuracy. The AX440, just as compact as the AX05, has undergone slight modifications. It is capable of generating an even faster output speed of over 482 km/h (440 fps).

Simple and safe to use

Thanks to its compactness, these crossbows are also easy to operate and handle. The sliding trigger incorporates a hand crank for easy loading and reloading. The safety system prevents accidental firing and injury, as well as possible damage to the limbs. To proceed, you must :

- turn the handle (counterclockwise) so that the trigger box moves forward to the front of the bow and catches the string and locks automatically

- manually push the trigger to lock the string

- turn the handle in the other direction to bring the trigger box back.

Full accessorization

These crossbows are equipped with an adjustable stock, trigger and an integrated sliding crank for their triggering and release. The crank resets with each shot. In addition, the Axe crossbow package comes with complete accessories for users to use right away. These include arrows and quiver, a crank cocking device and a bright, multi-reticle scope. The manufacturer also offers optional equipment such as nocks, arrow combos, etc. to complement its crossbows as needed.

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