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Skorpion Crossbows

Skorpion crossbows: a real crossbow revolution

Are you looking for an easy handling hybrid crossbow at a more accessible price? Choose Skorpion crossbows to assist you in your shooting! The Italian brand Skorpion unveils here a whole range of crossbows that promise you great practice sessions of your favorite activity. Even if most of them are designed for leisure shooting, others are perfect for initiation, training, hunting and competition.

Skorpion crossbows: a combination of design, simplicity and power

In the design of Skorpion crossbows, the best materials are used to give them a remarkable design and exceptional performance. The design is very light and easy to handle. They are also equipped with modern and simple weapon systems to ensure their efficiency and power. Make your shooting sessions an absolute success with these Skorpion crossbows!

A wide selection of Skorpion crossbows and accessories at Hattila

A wide selection of Skorpion crossbows and accessories at Hattila Whether you're an enthusiast or a hardcore archer, Hattila has your dream Skorpion crossbow! There is something for every taste and preference. You'll find compound crossbows, recurve crossbows, and even hybrid crossbows that combine all the features of both crossbows. In addition to Skorpion crossbows, Hattila also proposes crossbow accessories to complete your weapon:

  • cover
  • checkers
  • scopes
  • arrowheads
  • fake string
  • targets
  • bandstand
  • quick loader
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