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Complete compound bows packages - compound bows

The compound bow attracts a lot of interest from enthusiasts of archery. With its design that has improved over the years, it is able to optimize the archer's performance. Made of wood or flexible materials, a compound bow also has a curved tip connected by a flexible string. This configuration allows it to operate on the principle of leverage, which allows the projectile to be propelled with power and precision.

In the field of hunting, whether shooting big game or not, the compound bow is also more popular than the traditional bow. At Hattila.com you will find a complete compound bow kit. Whether you are left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous, Hattila offers you bow kits adapted to your needs, be it for shooting practice or for competition. Hattila has everything you need to excel in your shooting: visor, stabilizer, lanyard, quiver for 5 or more arrows, arrow rest, sight. At the same time Hattila offers products to suit all budgets. The starting price is less than 40 euros for the compound bow kits for children.

What is the purpose of the compound bow?

There are several reasons why archers, whether beginners or professionals, may want to purchase a compound bow. Mainly, this type of weapon is used in sports. But due to its power, flexibility and accuracy, it is also the best ally for hunters to hunt game. In any case, each use requires different features. For example, when shooting at a target, power is not necessarily a determining factor. Only the accuracy will count to be able to earn points. For hunting, on the other hand, a compound bow with the maximum draw weight will be preferred. It will guarantee an accurate shot even over long distances.

On what criteria should you choose your compound bow kit?

The use to which you intend to dedicate your bow is a determining criterion of choice. But it is equally important to equip yourself with all the necessary equipment to optimize your performance and comfort. To do this, you will need to consider the different configurations of your bow, arrows and some additional accessories.

The Bow

When choosing your bow kit, your decision should largely depend on your skill level. If you are still a neophyte in handling this weapon, make sure you have a bow kit consisting of a string, a riser, an arrow rest, two limbs and a sight. At Hattila, you will find models specifically for beginners and professionals.


Arrows are the projectiles of the bows, regardless of the type of model. They can be made of different materials, such as aluminum, carbon or wood. At Hattila, you will find carbon arrows, the preferred models of the connoisseurs in this field. They give you the opportunity to use your bow kit even in the most extreme situations.


Accessories are also an important factor when choosing your compound bow kit. Every piece is as important as another. First of all, for comfort of use, a tab should be provided. It will better protect your fingers while you are shoot the arrow. An armguard will also be preferable to ensure the protection of your arms. It is also essential to have a quiver to store your arrows.

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