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WildGame Crossbows

WildGame XB370 370 FPS

WildGame is a brand officially created in 2002 by two brothers Ryan Busbice and Matt Busbice. Passionate about hunting since their childhood, they were not satisfied with the attractants that existed at the time. They decided to develop their bows to have enough power to cover large areas. Then they expanded their designs by offering easy to use bows at affordable prices. 

The WildGame XB370 370 FPS crossbow pack from WildGame innovations (in collaboration with Barnett) is a bow that is ready to be used for hunting. In fact, it already has all the accessories you'll need to get straight to the shooting range. It comes with two 20 inch arrows, a quiver, a 4*32 multi-reticle scope and a crank cocking device. This is a great package, as the crossbow shoots arrows at a speed of 370 FPS. Its skeleton stock has a pass-through front and a flared finger guard for the archer's comfort and a more secure grip. The Elude Camo color has it all. It's the ideal equipment for safe crossbow hunting.

All about the Wildgame XB370 crossbow 

This crossbow manufactured by WildGame innovations and Barnett is the perfect hunting weapon for bowhunters. It is already equipped with all the accessories you will need to go to the shooting ranges or to participate in a competition of crossbow shooting enthusiasts. In addition to the crossbow, this pack contains 2 x 20 inch arrows for shooting, a quiver to safely store your arrows, a 4*32 scope to make your aiming easier and a crank cocking device to make cocking your crossbow string easier. This crossbow weighs 2.95 kg, its length is 36 in while its width is 18.88 in. With a power of 185lbs, it can shoot arrows at a speed of 370 fps. As far as the string length is concerned, it measures 14 inches. It is the ideal choice for sport shooting or competition.

  • Name: WildGame XB370 
  • Brand : Manufactured by WildGame Innovation, in collaboration with Barnett
  • Bow type: Compound or compound bow
  • Material: made of aeronautical aluminum
  • Power: 185 lbs
  • Length: 36 in
  • Width: 18.88 in
  • Arrow speed: 370 FPS
  • String length (in inches): 14 
  • Weight of equipment: 2,95 kg
  • Kinetic energy: 153 ft lbs
  • Crossbow color: Elude Camo
  • Accessories: 2 arrows, quiver, scope, hand held bandolier

Our test on this crossbow

This crossbow has the advantage of being light compared to other compound bows, as it weighs only 2.95kg. So it can be handled easily. 

It also offers a wider range of practice, as you could use it during sport shooting or during a competition. 

Very practical, it considerably increases the efficiency of the hunter. Indeed, its cam will allow you to tighten the rope more easily while accentuating the release force thanks to the cams. 

Even if it is already very powerful, its cams can help you to easily cock the rope with a minimum of effort and tension to make a powerful shot. It also increases the efficiency and distance of the shot. So, even with a little effort, it is still possible to pull the string as much as you want without disturbing the tension. 

It should also be noted that this crossbow can be used by both an experienced and a beginner archer. And even if you haven't mastered it perfectly yet, thanks to the sight, you could improve your shots and offer the most accuracy possible. 

Besides, it is a very sturdy crossbow, as it is designed with quality materials, more precisely aeronautical aluminum. It can withstand shocks, but you still need to maintain it regularly so that it can last over time and so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. 

And if you opt for this package, you won't need to buy any more accessories, because everything is already there. You could start shooting right away.

In short, this pack is just the perfect equipment to shoot in good conditions and to keep performing well.

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