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First Aid and Survival Kits trek, hike and survival

Much more than a simple activity in the wilderness, living to survive is a way to consume less and to protect the planet. Survivalism is a culture to anticipate the numerous catastrophes such as economic and environmental crises. It envisions a new way of life after the disaster. In general, it translates into the end of the modern civilization in order to simply survive in the face of nature's dangers. Survivalism began to develop in France in 2012 when the Mayan calendar announced the end of the world.

Today survivalism has more and more followers in France. It is a full-fledged activity that will allow you to test your survival skills, but it is also a good way to reconnect with nature. Many people have decided to immerse themselves in nature by trying to survive outside of comfort and outside of the urban world. Survival techniques such as accessories and medical notions are the basis of survivalism.

If you too have this thirst for adventure and this desire to try survivalism in the wilderness, discover on Hattila, the main accessories essential to your survival in the wild.

What are the essential accessories for survival?

A good equipment is essential to practice this activity of survivalism in the best conditions.

A knife

This accessory is very useful for survivalists. You could opt for a Swiss Army knife. We also advise you to choose a multifunctional pliers for versatility.

A paracord

This is one of the essentials of survivalism. Made of nylon, it is widely used in the army. It comes in the form of a paracord bracelet. It allows you to carry a large quantity of ropes strong enough to build a shelter or tools.

A headlamp

Both practical and functional, a headlamp is exceptional. Other than lighting, it will allow you to progress in the dark. It simplifies your nighttime experience.

A fire starter

We all know that fire is essential for survival. But not everyone knows how to make fire from what nature offers. It is therefore preferable to equip yourself with a fire starter.

An unbreakable canteen

It is used to store food such as rice, pasta ... Its watertightness capacity allows you to keep your food dry and safe from possible pests such as insects.

A multifunctional survival card

This is an alternative to the Swiss Army knife which has the advantage of not taking up much space. This card can be used as a hex key, screwdriver, saw, knife, can opener and many others.

A survival blanket

This is a thermal blanket. It keeps some of the body heat and insulates from moisture, because they are waterproof.

A foldable shovel

It is essential, because it is very useful for small jobs. It can be used for example dig a hole near a tree to transform it into a shelter.

A foldable cutlery and bowl set

You might want to opt for some sturdy and durable multipurpose cutlery. Cutlery is a must if you don't want to eat with shells or on leaves.

A survival compass

This is a very useful tool for orientation. It can help you find your way.

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