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Arrow tubes and cases

Arrow Cases and Tubes

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced archer, your archery equipment and accessories need to be transported safely. Here we offer you arrow tubes and arrow cases so that you can take them everywhere with your shooting equipment without taking any risks.

These transport and protection accessories are designed to offer the ultimate protection to your wooden arrows, aluminium arrows, carbon arrows, aluminium carbon arrows or even fibreglass arrows. Hattila, expert in original weapons, crossbows, bows, survival and knives, offers you a selection of various storage tubes/boxes for all sizes of arrows as well as quality cases for the most demanding. Order your archery arrow protectors at the best price on our shop!




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Cartel Arrow Case Square
In stock
Arrow tubes and cases

Cartel Arrow Case Square
Get the Cartel arrow case square to store your arrows during a bow competition. This is a transport and protection accessory essential for your equipment.
Cartel Arrow Case Telescopic Cartel Arrow Case Telescopic 2
In stock
Arrow tubes and cases

Cartel Arrow Case Telescopic
Safely store your arrows with the Cartel arrow case telescopic while on the go. This bow arrow tube and case model is hard and soft to ensure less damage.
Easton Arrow Case Tube
In stock
Arrow tubes and cases

Easton Arrow Case Tube
Protect your arrows in any season with the Easton arrow case tube. This adjustable bow arrow tube and case fits Easton arrow shafts with lockable length adjustment from 24 to 40 inches.
Easton Deluxe Arrow Case Easton Deluxe Arrow Case 2
In stock
Arrow tubes and cases

Archers, get the Easton Deluxe Arrow Case to make transport and protection easier on your bow equipment. This case can hold ready-made arrows when you need them.
G5 Vault Broadhead Case
Sold out
Arrow tubes and cases

Store your arrows accessories from bow in a G5 vault broadhead case! This transport and protection case is designed to keep your precious broadheads safe.
Gold Tip Arrow Tube
Sur commande
Arrow tubes and cases

Gold Tip
Take advantage of the Gold Tip arrow tube to protect your bow arrow. This transport and protection accessory allows you to safely store your Gold Tip arrow shafts.
Legend Archery Arrow Tube Telescopic Legend Archery Arrow Tube Telescopic 2
Sold out
Arrow tubes and cases

Legend Archery
Add the Legend Archery arrow tube Telescopic to your bow gear ! This bow arrow tube and case is designed for optimal protection and storage.
Fivics Arrow Tube
Sold out
Arrow tubes and cases

Get the most protection for your bow arrows with the Fivics Arrow tube. These arrow tubes and cases have a popular telescoping design.

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