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One Piece Recurve Bows

In the past, the traditional bow was made with a single piece of wood and a simple string. Today, even with the same configuration, it is customizable. This makes up for what it lacks. Just like the traditional bow, the recurve bow is made of one piece. Light, handy and ergonomic, it can be adapted for both hunting and competition shooting. If you wish to purchase this type of bow, Hattila is the go-to address. The online archery reference offers you a wide variety of models with competitive prices.

The one-piece recurve bow, the model of choice for archery enthusiasts

The one-piece recurve bow is a model often made from wood. But it is also possible to find one-piece recurves made from aluminum. The same applies to the riser. At the limb level, a one-piece recurve bow often incorporates elements made from composite materials such as carbon or fiberglass. As for accessories, it can be equipped with a stabilizer, sight and launcher. This type of model remains the choice of professional archers because it is recognized in all disciplines. It also combines precision and lightness at the same time.

The anatomy of the one-piece recurve bow

On a one-piece recurve bow, you will notice that the riser is meticulously crafted to ensure a comfortable grip. Traditionally made of wood, it can now be made of composite material, for greater durability and resistance to wear and tear. On both ends of the riser of the one-piece recurve bow will be inserted the branches. These parts will be responsible for transmitting the energy generated during the bracing of the bow. It is important to note that the draw weight of the bow in question will depend on these two limbs. For this reason, their size is variable in order to meet all expectations. A one-piece recurve bow also carries a string which is attached to the end of each limb. Stretching this string will store energy that will later be transmitted to the arrow. This kinetic energy will project the arrow through its notch.

Setting up a recurve bow

Whether you are a beginner or a professional archer, for safety and performance reasons, it is important to properly adjust your bow. To do so, you will have to proceed step by step, starting with the setting of the bow in the center. To do this, it is important to align the string in the middle of the limbs. Afterwards, the arrow and the sight must also be aligned and stabilized. Then, the arrow should come out slightly outward. When this is done, it will be necessary to proceed by adjusting the brace height. This is the distance between the hollow of the grip and the string. This means that the brace height can be different for different bows and limbs. Once the brace height is adjusted, it is time to proceed to the Tiller adjustment. By the way, be aware that the difference between the 2 tillers of your recurve bow should be about -6 mm from the level of the lower limb. This allows for better synchronization of the limbs when the arrow is released. Then you will have to adjust the nocking height. It must be set more than 5 mm from the zero point. Once this is done, you can proceed to the selection of the arrows.

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