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In addition to the crank handle, arrowheads, stock, quiver and red dot sight, any archer worth his salt must also have a false string. Crossbow rope is also the source of this weapon's power. But to handle real crossbow rope properly during assembly, you'll also need a dummy rope.

What's the real use of fake crossbow rope?

La fausse corde se rend utile lorsque l’archer va installer la vraie corde sur son arbalète. Grâce à la fausse corde effectivement, il est plus facile de faire passer la vraie corde à travers les boucles, d’une poupée à l’autre. 

It's important to know, however, that each crossbow model is matched to a specific string. The string must be adapted both to the weapon's power and to its length. Powerful crossbows, from 120 to 180 pounds, as well as compound crossbows and hunting crossbow shotguns, need to be fitted with strings adapted to each of their strengths. These will not be the same as for 50 to 80-pound leisure crossbows or crossbow pistols. Each type of crossbow, depending on its power, has its own specific string. At Hatilla, your online bow and crossbow specialist, however, you can easily choose between different types of fake strings. Our catalog includes several models, such as the Excalibur crossbow dummy string, the Jaguar crossbow dummy string and the Cobra crossbow dummy string. However, there may be certain compatibilities with several references.

Whether you have a powerful 120- to 180-pound crossbow or an 80-pound crossbow, the dummy string is still essential to allow the real string to pass through smoothly.

Crossbow strings are available in a wide selection at Hatilla

The shooting power of a crossbow also depends on the crossbow string. The better the condition of the string, the more powerfully you'll be able to shoot your arrows and bolts. At Hatilla, you'll find more than just crossbow models to suit your needs. We also have crossbow strings to suit your interests.

Understanding the mechanism of other crossbow accessories will help you to better assemble the crossbow string. While the dolls are used to hold the ends of the strings, the string itself is used to shoot your target. So, to assemble a crossbow string, tie the fake string to the end of each doll, over the ends of the bow, and pull back, as if you were about to cock the crossbow. Once you've pulled back, you'll need to lock the false string before you can pass the real string through the loops in the false string. All you have to do then is hold the false string firmly before pulling the trigger and releasing it. To dismantle the string, it's much the same process. However, the fake string must be installed askew before the real string can be removed. After pulling back, as you would when cocking the crossbow, you immediately remove the string and pull the trigger to release the fake string.

Choose the best fake crossbow strings from your Hatilla online archery shop!

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