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Our pistols and crossbow rifles are distinguished by their quality. At Hattila, we won't sell you a product we don't believe in. So you'll always enjoy optimum shooting performance. With power ratings ranging from 50 to 120 lbs, these target-shooting crossbows are ideal for both sport and recreational shooters.

Ideal for shooting from 5 to 40 meters depending on the model, most models can be operated with just one hand, making them light and easy to use!

State-of-the-art crossbow pistols

Our pulley crossbows (such as the FMA Supersonic) increase accuracy and reduce the effort required for cocking, making them particularly attractive to beginners and experienced users alike. Carbon or aluminum lines, perfectly matched to the various models, contribute to stable trajectory and optimal target penetration.

Each crossbow pistol is designed to provide a fun and enjoyable shooting experience.

Hattila's commitment to safety and innovation

Safety is a priority at Hattila. Our crossbow pistols are selected with the strictest safety standards, ensuring that their use remains safe and responsible. The latest models even feature an automatic cocking safety.

At Hattila, we won't sell you shoddy "china", even if we can make more profit! We respect our customers and wish them the best shooting experience possible.

Rigorous selection and expert advice

At Hattila, we ensure that every crossbow, whether a lightweight model for beginners or a more robust hunting crossbow for the more experienced, is of the highest quality. Our experts are on hand to advise you in your choice, ensuring that every customer finds the crossbow perfectly suited to their needs and skill level.

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50 - 120

Speed (FPS)

175 - 420


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