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The crossbow is an older weapon dating back to Antiquity and originated in Japan. However, it is a weapon that has remained popular because of its performance and practicality. The functioning of the crossbow has remained the same throughout time. However, the models and uses have diversified. Indeed, if before the crossbow was intended for hunting and shooting, today, any public, big and small can get some. There are different types of crossbows and their choice should depend on the level of the user and the use he wants to make. Let's talk about the pistol crossbows.

Unlike the professional and powerful crossbows such as compound crossbows and real hunting crossbows, the pistol crossbow is designed for recreational shooting and daily shooting practice. It is therefore a weapon for beginners, for children and for shooters who want to increase their shooting skills. 

Hattila: the crossbow professional

The crossbow is a weapon that is used under certain conditions. In order to preserve the safety of people, animals and property, its use and sale must be subject to strict conditions. It is not sold everywhere. If you want to buy it, you have to look for it in specialized stores like Hattila. Indeed, Hattila is a great reference in Crossbows. We sell all kinds of crossbow weapons such as mini crossbows, hunting crossbows, crossbow limbs, but also different accessories. 

 Whether you are a true beginner shooter, a sport shooter or a simple collector of hunting weapons, you will find at Hattila everything that suits you. 

The pistol crossbow: your first step as a crossbowman

Before learning to handle crossbow rifles, it is a good idea to learn how to use another less powerful and easier to master weapon like the pistol crossbow. The pistol crossbow is indeed a light weapon that can be handled with one hand. It can then be used by a right or left handed person. It comes in several models and its price varies depending on the ergonomics of the weapon and its various features.

A wide choice of pistol crossbow

If you are looking for a mini crossbow or pistol crossbow, don't worry, you can find one in no time at Hattila. With our top picks, you'll enjoy a good quality pistol crossbow that can last a long time and that you can use extensively.

The pistol crossbow, even if they are not really hunting weapons, are still powerful and dangerous weapons. So you have the choice between the pistol crossbow with a power of 50 or 80 lbs. Of course, if you don't know which model to choose, don't hesitate to ask us. Our consultants can help you.

The most popular pistol crossbow models at the moment are for example: the Arcus Arrowstar 17 joules crossbow pistol, the FMA Supersonic120 LBS 130 FPS compound pistol crossbow, the Hori-zone Redback RTS 50- 80 LBS pistol crossbow and the Cobra Imitation Wood 80 LBS mini crossbow. It should be noted that these models are all available at Hattila. And if you are not interested in these products, but are attracted by other brands and powers, you will find everything you need at Hattila. 

The pistol crossbow: an indispensable weapon for every crossbowman

The pistol crossbow, a weapon of the crossbow family, is essential for a crossbowman. Indeed, if it is our beginning in crossbow shooting, it is necessary to go through the pistol crossbow first to have the right gestures and to better master the shots with the crossbow. Apart from that, it is always possible for the already professional shooter to pick up a pistol crossbow if he wants to practice on target and if he wants to increase his performance in shooting. The pistol crossbow is then unavoidable.

The choice of a crossbow must be made carefully, if you want a powerful weapon, you must equip your weapon with the right accessories. The same is true if it is made only for leisure. Be careful, even if the crossbow gun is supposed to be a game. It can cause dangerous damage. When you use it or give it to your children, check the location of each part carefully if it is normal and choose the right place for your training or recreation. If possible, don't put your target on a place that includes a lot of people, furniture or animals. You should go outdoors and put your target away from damaging things. This will keep you out of trouble. 

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