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Recurve crossbow

The crossbow first appeared in China in the 5th century BC and was once used for hunting. Over time, hunting with a crossbow has become popular with both enthusiasts and professionals. Some people use it for sport shooting or in scientific research, especially for taking fat samples from marine mammals.

The crossbow: an emblematic weapon of remarkable power

Unlike ordinary bows, crossbows do not require the same training or physical strength. When using a traditional bow, the archer must draw, aim and shoot in a short time if he wants to have a chance of not missing his target. The longer he takes to aim, the more tired his arm becomes and the less accurate his shot. But, using a crossbow, he can cock it and leave it for as long as he wants. An archer who opts for a crossbow doesn't even need to be physically strong, as he can use tools or accessories like cranks or levers to supplement his strength.

Considered a powerful and allusive weapon, the use of a recurve crossbow provides several advantages for precision or recreational shooting. More efficient than the bow or the slingshot, it offers excellent maneuverability, with an accurate, long range and powerful shot. Its learning is very easy. So, if you want to hunt with something other than a firearm, choose the recurve crossbow. This type of crossbow stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. With a recurve crossbow, you can change the string yourself.

Hattila: your online gun shop

For an extraordinary experience in precision shooting, Hattila, your online gun shop, offers a multitude of choices of recurve crossbows without pulleys at prices that defy all competition. Hattila.com also offers a delivery service, subject to conditions, and countless quality products at low prices.

A recurve crossbow: the ideal weapon for a perfect experience

Being a weapon that shoots bolts instead of arrows, the crossbow consists of a barrel and a bow. It is a powerful weapon with a low rate of fire and exceptional accuracy. It can be reloaded mechanically or manually. Indeed, it is a tool that combines the mechanisms of the rifle and the bow. Its greatest advantage is its sporty, yet quiet, nature. This type of weapon is ideal for recreational shooting and for a perfect crossbow experience. 

Hattila, the online gun shop specialist, offers a wide range of crossbows for hobbyists, sport shooters, collectors and hunters. Among the crossbows sold at Hattila.com, the recurve crossbow offers many advantages and is very popular with crossbow shooters. 

Unlike a compound crossbow, the recurve or compoundless crossbow is easier to maintain. Among recurve crossbows, pistol crossbows are the most preferred for several reasons. Fitted with safety, these crossbows are easy to handle and lightweight. The proper functioning of a recurve crossbow depends mainly on its simplicity and lightness. Unlike the compound crossbow, mechanically the recurve crossbow has no cables, which makes it easy to maintain. With a pulleyless crossbow, you can change the string yourself. Of course, this model is less bulky than the compound crossbow. This will make it easier for you to store it.

At Hattila.com, several models of recurve crossbows are available. Starting at 120 lbs, you can have a camouflage leisure crossbow or a metal hunting crossbow. For 175 lbs, the online gun shop offers a black MK-XB21 245 FPS crossbow package with a Red Dot and quiver. At 270 lbs, you can have an Excalibur Axe 340 Kryptek Raid crossbow. Hattila.com also offers an Excalibur ASSASSIN 360 true timber strata crossbow for 285 lbs. Professionals will be amazed by a SteamBow Onyx air-loaded crossbow for a price of 225 lbs.

Apart from the crossbows without pulleys, the online archery specialist also offers other products such as hunting ammunition, original weapons such as the rock thrower, cutlery and hunting knives. Countless accessories are also available at Hattila.com. So, if you want to equip your weapon well, visit our site and order your products or accessories online. If you are looking for your recreational shooting or hunting equipment, Hattila.com is your partner in gunsmithing and archery. By choosing Hattila, you can benefit from an unequalled quality of service, an irreproachable quality of products and a very competitive price. We also offer a delivery service. So don't hesitate to make Hattila your partner in archery and gunsmithing.

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