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Hori-Zone Accessories

If you are a Walking Dead fan, you have probably noticed that Daril and his crossbow are the same. The crossbow, a weapon that combines power and precision, has its origins in the centuries. The very first crossbows were made in China, five centuries BC. At that time, its design was taken from the bow itself. The difference is that it is placed horizontally on a shaft and its mechanism allows the string to be constantly tensioned. This design eliminates the need for effort to hold the string as the bow does. This allows the shooter to focus on the accuracy of his shots.

The evolution of the crossbow 

Over the centuries, the crossbow has evolved in design. Today, it has become a formidable weapon, so much so that hunters can no longer do without it. Powerful, it is now equipped with innovative technologies to ensure precision shooting, on small and large game. The variations are also numerous. Apart from hunting crossbows, there are also crossbows for recreational shooting. As far as accessories are concerned, they are more and more numerous to ensure shooting power, accuracy, lightness and comfort of use. If you want to equip your weapon well, count on Hattila to offer you the best models of accessories for crossbows. Hori-zone strings, Hori-zone crank cocking devices, Horizone spare bow, there is something for every need. 

The different types of crossbow shooting events 

There are indeed different types of crossbow shooting events. First of all, there is the match crossbow, a discipline that is practiced with a crossbow that is handled in the same way as a rifle. The principle is to use projectiles of 4.5 mm in diameter to shoot at targets located at a range of 10 meters. At this distance, the shooting is done in a standing position. On the other hand, if the target is located at a range of about 30 m, the shooting will be done in standing and kneeling position. Note that the type of crossbow used must be loaded via a loading arm in the same way as a rifle. The weight of the weapon must not exceed 7 kg. 

After the match crossbow, there is the field crossbow, which is practiced with a classic crossbow, i.e. a model that is loaded manually. The targets for this discipline, which is practiced indoors, are located at a range of 18 meters. But if the competition is held outdoors, the targets will be located at a range of 35 to 65 meters. 

Shooter's Equipment 

Just like bow accessories, there are many crossbow accessories available from archery shops. You will find a wide range of them on Hattila. Among the most essential ones, you will find : 


The bolts are the projectiles used on the crossbows. Without them, your weapon will be nothing more than a deterrent. For the simpler models, the bolts are mostly made of aluminum. On the other hand, the more sophisticated ones are made of fiberglass. If you are a beginner in the field of crossbow shooting, note that for each type of arrow, the point of impact will be different. 

If you want to buy arrows, whether for recurve or compound crossbows, visit Hattila. We have a wide range of arrows for all types of crossbows. 

The quiver 

The quiver is an accessory for storing the crossbow's projectiles. Depending on the configurator, it can have a different design. And if the most classic ones are made of fabric, the most high-end ones are made of leather. As for the capacity of the quivers, this parameter will depend on the model. If some of them can hold eight bolts, others can hold more than 10 and are fixed with a snap. 

The crank

To cock a crossbow manually requires strength. And since you have to repeat this action several times, you will get tired very quickly. To ensure your comfort, there is nothing better than using a crank. By inserting it into the stock, behind the scope, you will be able to cock your crossbow more easily. On Hattila, discover a wide range of hand-cranked crossbow racks from the famous brand HORI-ZONE at unbeatable prices. 

The string

Whether you need a stringer to easily mount your crossbow string or a cable to equip your crossbow, Hattila has what you need. From the HORI-ZONE Missile 410 string, to the HORI-ZONE Kornet RTX 410 string and the HORI-ZONE Kornet MXT 405 cable, you will find what you need with Hattila.

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