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Repeating crossbows

The crossbow is certainly one of the most popular weapons today. Born in China between the 4th and 5th centuries, it has evolved over time. In the Middle Ages, it was developed for hunting and used during wars. Around the 14th century, it began to take on a steel configuration while integrating a mechanical device to facilitate its use. Today, the crossbow has a sophisticated design and incorporates increasingly complex systems. The models have also multiplied with draw weights ranging from 50 to over 175 pounds.

The repeating crossbow: an innovation that facilitates armin

The repeating crossbow , in terms of its design, suggests that it is a sort of cross between a rifle and a crossbow. It has a system similar to a rifle, and when a quarrel is expelled from the groove, another one systematically takes its place. There are many models of repeating crossbows on the market today. And if you want to make the best purchase, Hattila has what you need. At the online archery reference, you will find the Cobra RX Adder repeating crossbow; the Ek Archery automatic crossbow or the Steambow stinger Ar-6 mini crossbow.

The old configuration of the repeating crossbow

The repeating crossbow is a weapon that dates back to the pre-war era. The very first models were mainly defensive and allowed to shoot quarrels without fletching. These early models were cocked by a built-in lever that adjusts to the string. Then, when the string is released by a movement, the thin quarrel is ejected. It should be noted that the old models of repeating crossbows had an arrow loading mechanism that used a rotating cylinder with 2 notches. And above these was a wooden box which contained the arrow reserve. Today, the design of automatic crossbows is more measured. They have a configuration that combines both ergonomics and performance.

Characteristics of the modern repeating crossbow

The modern repeating crossbow, depending on the model, is able to shoot 5 arrows in less than 30 seconds as the Cobra RX Adder can testify. Easy to arm, maintain and handle, most have an automatic magazine. In addition, there are many accessories, such as the sight, the replacement limb tip, the safety glasses and the front grip. As far as technical specifications are concerned, a repeating crossbow promises an arrow speed of up to 296km/h. The draw weight can also vary depending on the type of model, but on average, it is 130 lbs. A repeating crossbow also has a quick pin assembly and disassembly system. It can also be equipped with a string damper and an anti-vibration system.

How to use a repeating crossbow?

If the repeating crossbow is very popular on the market today, it is not only because of its careful configuration. If this weapon is among the favorite models of professional crossbow shooters, it is because it is handy and ergonomic. With a built-in cocking lever, it can be cocked with a simple movement. A repeating crossbow also has an adjustable stock length to ensure more accuracy when shooting. And as for the automatic magazine, it is possible to insert up to 5 arrows depending on the model.

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