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Make fire

Bushcrafters or survivalists, complete your energy and fire kit with all the most essential tools and accessories such as a fire starter. You already have your survivalist cutlery, but in order to use it, you'll need to light the fire and cook your food. In order to get a fire going quickly, no matter what the situation, a fire starter is the accessory you will need.

Available in a wide range of models, it can also be used to help you look for things or finish a piece of paracord, among other uses. In any case, you will always need the fire for survival or other outdoor activities in the wilderness. So get yourself a high-performance fire starter that will allow you to light fires easily and quickly in any circumstances. We offer matches specially designed for difficult environments, matches that are windproof and even rainproof.

The survival fire starter

If water is a vital element for survival, so is fire. Indeed, it is one of the pillars of survival. You will need fire to keep warm, to cook your meals and also to keep wild animals and insects away. In order to be able to light a fire in all situations, even the most urgent ones, the fire starter is of great interest.

From storm matches to waterproof matches, automatic fire starters and compact fire starters, you are spoilt for choice. With our selection of high-performance fire starters, you can start a fire quickly in any situation. You will easily produce reliable and long-lasting sparks in all survival situations to ignite your stoves or campfire.

For survivalists, adventurers and lovers of all outdoor activities, the fire starter is a practical and ideal tool. It allows you to light a fire anywhere and in any situation. In the open air, even in the rain and wind, it remains easy to use. Depending on the type of fire starter, you will be able to get sparks in one simple movement. All of our fire starters are of durable quality, as you can see from this micro fire starter with castor made of durable alloy.

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