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Junxing crossbows

Junxing is one of the crossbow brands available at our online archery shop. It is known all over the world. If you are looking for high-end crossbows, but at a good price, the models of the Chinese manufacturer, including the Junxing Drakon compound crossbow and the Brave compound crossbow, have features that match these criteria. Learn more about Jinxing crossbow models and their specifications, as well as the crossbow accessories you may need here.

Who is Junxing?

Junxing is a company that originated in China, in the city of Linyi in Shandong, which is the second largest logistics city in the country. It specializes in the production of recreational sports equipment and items. It has been developing products such as crossbows, slingshots and darts since 1993. This company was created by the association of former military enterprises owned by the Chinese state. It was a pioneer in the production and marketing of crossbow products, and later in the manufacture of sports equipment.

Today, Junxing's production facilities are still located in China. But the manufacturer distributes its crossbows and accessories all over the world, including the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, in more than 30 countries. It has already designed several series of crossbows that follow international standards with advanced design modes. Its research department continues to develop the technology of its products in order to provide crossbow enthusiasts with reliable, high-performance and low-cost models. Jinxing's crossbows are even praised by users around the world. Jinxing aims to develop the crossbow industry in China and to offer new products of the highest quality by continuously innovating and improving its technologies.

High quality crossbows at a good price

Junxing brand offers both hunting and recreational crossbows in its product range. What they have in common is their reliability, performance and affordability. These crossbows are suitable for both professional shooters and beginners. Order from Hattila and get your Junxing crossbow at the best price.

High quality design

The innovative concepts used by this Chinese manufacturer result in compact, light and easy to use crossbows. It has given its models a compact bow with a smaller weight than most models on the market. This is what ensures their great maneuverability. Some models, such as the Drakon, have an integrated cocking system that can be used at one hand. This makes the throwing weapon very practical to handle and to cock. 

Aesthetic and resistant crossbows

The aesthetics and resistance are not left out. The Chinese brand relies on quality materials to manufacture these crossbows. They are strong enough to be used in different shooting conditions and at a regular frequency. Moreover, Junxing crossbows have modern and discreet looks. For those who want to use an aesthetically pleasing and low-impact weapon for hunting, recreational and sport shooting, you can turn to Junxing's crossbow series.

High performance

A Junxing crossbow also impresses with its performance. This manufacturer offers different types of crossbows, including compound models with a power of 165 lbs, which is a throwing weapon capable of firing bolts at an incredible speed of 360 fps or 395 km/h. Combined with components such as an adjustable stock, comfortable grip, easy cocking and decocking mechanisms and a safety button, you have a high performance crossbow that you can handle easily and safely.

Complete accessories with your Junxing crossbow

Junxing offers the necessary accessories with these crossbows. These include, for example, the addition of a scope (holographic, multi-reticle), a lubricant system, a stringer, an assembly material, a quiver and various numbers of bolts in the packages depending on the model you choose. It is also possible to purchase other optional accessories such as presses, targets, covers, sights, arrows, string and cable kits and many more. All of this equipment is available at Hattila, so don't hesitate to place your order.

Outstanding value for money

Junxing crossbows are among the cheapest in terms of design quality if you have a small budget to allocate to your weapon. Their price-performance ratio is below average. If you are new to crossbow shooting or practice for leisure or hunting, Junxing's crossbow series includes different models to fit your discipline, physical ability and budget.



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Junxing Drakon Compound...
In stock
Junxing crossbows

The press for Junxing Drakon is a tool for threading and unthreading your crossbow when changing the string and cables.
JunXing Drakon crossbow...
In stock
Junxing crossbows

Go for this JunXing Drakon crossbow cocking handle! This riser is designed specifically for the JunXing Drakon crossbow.
Maximal Cover for Junxing... Maximal Cover for Junxing... 2
In stock
Junxing crossbows

This is an excellent quality storage and carrying cover especially designed for the Junxing Drakon crossbow. But it is also suitable for the FMA Supersonic crossbow.
Maximal Drakon compact...
In stock
Junxing crossbows

Favour this model of Maximal Drakon compact crossbow hip quiver for optimal protection of your arrows! Among other equipment, this quiver is a must-have.
Junxing Brave 165 lbs 360... Junxing Brave 165 lbs 360... 2
Sold out
Junxing crossbows

The Junxing Compound crossbow Brave 165 lbs 360 FPS offers high-end features at an affordable price. This compound crossbow features 165 lbs of power to achieve shooting speeds of 360 fps or 395 km/h. This performance is achieved with high-quality, customized Gordon USA composite limbs.
Junxing Drakon 100 lbs 290... Junxing Drakon 100 lbs 290... 2
Sold out
Junxing crossbows

The Drakon Compound Crossbow from Junxing has a compact design. Its light weight makes it easy to handle. The integrated cocking system of this crossbow makes it easy to cock and uncock with one hand.
Junxing Sight for Drakon... Junxing Sight for Drakon... 2
Sold out
Junxing crossbows

The Junxing Sight for Drakon Crossbow is equipped with a thumbwheel on the back that allows you to choose between the 4 reticles. It is also possible to choose a red (day) or green (night) light.

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