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Target kit

Target kit for bow

The bow is one of the most popular weapons among hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Appreciated for its accuracy and high performance, the bow has become the favorite weapon of hunters and recreational shooters.  In addition, it has an advantage over other original weapons. If you want to learn to shoot with a bow, or if you want your children to learn to shoot with a bow, choose the bow that fits your level. The bow is a dangerous weapon, although it is easy to use and powerful. Before using it, you'll need to practice on targets so you don't hurt others. Choose the target kit for bows.

Hatilla: the best place to buy quality targets

The bow is a so-called complete weapon. However, its use requires certain accessories like the target kit. Indeed, the target is useful when shooting with a bow, because without a target, the arrows propelled by the weapon must be stopped by another object (the target) so as not to injure someone or cause serious property damage. This target is then important, because the speed of an arrow propelled by a bow can reach up to 440 km/h. 

Hattila, your armory and archery shop, offers you a wide range of target kits that can be used at any time. The targets we sell are of high quality and are all resistant. There is something for everyone.  All you have to do is choose the one that suits you. We also sell target kits which are even more interesting especially in terms of price.

The importance of choosing a target for archery

Learning to shoot with a bow requires preparation. It is not enough to find the weapon and practice in the wild or at home. The bow is dangerous even though it can be a recreational weapon.  Its use is still very much regulated and some areas do not even allow its use yet. One of the requirements for shooting a bow is to have a responsible mindset. Once you own a bow, you must use it in a safe manner. Therefore, if you are still a true amateur of this discipline, you must use a target to stop the projectiles. The same goes for professionals who want to improve their shooting skills.

How to choose the right target?

Choosing a target for shooting should not be an obstacle to learning to shoot a bow. You just need to consider some criteria to better guide you in your choice and not to be disappointed. You must consider the power of your weapon. If you are using a bow, then choosing your target is not a problem at all. The criteria to consider here is the power of your weapon and your skill level.  At Hattila you will find various targets for beginners made from different materials. It is up to you to find the right target for you. If you can't find the ideal target, let our specialists help you. If possible, choose a versatile target kit.

 If, however, you are using a weapon capable of throwing arrows at a speed of 400km/h or more, you must be very careful with your target. To do this, you need to choose a target that is not too hard and not too soft to effectively stop the arrows. You should also choose more resistant materials such as plastic or others. 

Hattila : your target kit seller

At Hattila, you will find several target kits or targets for archery. The target kits consist of compact, lightweight and very easy to carry targets. And most of the targets sold there are versatile, i.e. they can be shot by any bow. In addition, the targets that make up the kits are top of the line. The holes on the targets can be removed normally without leaving any marks. There are also very innovative models where you don't have to remove the lines after the arrows are removed. Examples of the best selling target kits on our site are the Even Start Target Kit and the Beither Hit-Miss 3D Target Kit

It should be noted that no matter which kit you choose, always keep people, things or animals behind or next to your target away from it. This will de-stress you even more and help you gain better control of the weapon.

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