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Foam targets

Archery is a sport that has more and more followers. This practice, which combines both finesse and agility, has even become a discipline in its own right at the Olympic Games. Bow hunting has also gained in popularity in recent years. It can be practiced in stalking, driven, on the ground or in the air, in large or small games. 

However, it is clear that when you are new to archery, you need an intensive training session. The goal is not only to handle one type of bow perfectly or to become familiar with the different accessories. Archery is all about skill and accuracy. For this reason, it is important to practice on a target. Hattila, the reference in online archery sales, offers a wide range of foam targets to perfect your shooting. They come in many sizes to meet all your expectations.

The different types of targets 

Whether it is for training or leisure, the choice of the target must attract all your attention. In this context, it is important to note that there are three types of targets:

The plastic target

For beginners, the plastic target is the most suitable. It is perfectly compatible with suction cup arrows and allows you to share a safe archery session. 

The straw target

The straw target has a high stopping capacity and is able to stop both recreational and competition arrows. For intensive use, it is therefore the most suitable. 

The foam target

The stopping capacity of a foam target depends on the model chosen. The same goes for the size. Depending on the shooting distance, it can be a large or medium size. At Hattila you will find the model that meets your requirements: 60 x 60 x 20 cm; 125 x 125 x 20 cm; 100 x 100 x 20 cm; 90 x 90 x 20 cm and 80 x 80 x 18 cm.

Foam target, which model to choose? 

The beautiful days are coming, the perfect time to make beautiful archery sessions in the garden. You have your bow in hand and the right accessories. But do you have a suitable target in mind? A foam target is ideal for outdoor shooting. However, you should note that there are many variations. To make the right choice, you need to know all of them.


These types of foam targets are generally made of foam sheets with a thickness of 2 mm each. They are compressed into a synthetic net to hold the target in a single block, hence the name. These types of targets are also equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy transportation. As far as size is concerned, they are available in 3 sizes. The large blocks are generally 46 x 46 x 40.5 cm; the X large blocks are 51.5 x 51.5 x 40.5 cm and the XX large are 56.5 x 56.5 x 40.5 cm. If you are looking for a target with a good compromise between strength and ease of arrow removal, the block is perfect. The block is also suitable for all types of bows, including compound bows. At Hattila you will find the most popular block target on the market: the Eleven Ez-Pull. It is available in 2 different sizes. 

3D foam targets

These types of targets can be made in different shapes. And unlike traditional foam targets, the 3D models are made from a high density foam. This foam is then injected into a mold to take a specific shape. Paint will also be applied to it to give it more effect. As for the AP penetration, it is generally 12 cm. If you want to take up bowhunting, this type of target is best suited to perfect your shot. On the other hand, it is often used in conjunction with an arrow remover, since arrows are difficult to remove once they are stuck in the target. 

Thermoformed foam targets 

If you are looking for thermoformed foam targets with interchangeable centers, you will find what you need at Hattila. Eleven Larp target, Eleven Plus target, Eleven pierced target, we have what you need. The central part of these models is made of ultra-resistant foam. The extraction of the target is thus optimal. 

The ethafoam target 

For the choice of resilience and robustness, opt for the Ethafoam target. This polyethylene foam can be offered in different shapes and densities. It is perfect for young archers with a shooting power of less than #15.

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