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The crossbow is one of the most popular hunting and leisure weapons in the world. Due to its dangerous nature, the use of crossbows is prohibited in some regions of France.  However, its sale and use remain subject to regulations. The crossbow is a very old weapon that originated in the 5th century BC in China.  Its system is almost the same as with an arrow bow except that with the crossbow, the string is not held manually, but with the help of a rigid body. Thanks to innovation, there is now a wide range of crossbow models. 

Shooting with a crossbow is not as simple as you might think. For accurate and powerful shots, it requires different accessories beyond the classic ones like arrows, strings or others. In order to improve your shooting performance, you need to have these accessories that are really useful.

Hattila: your armory and supplier of crossbow accessories 

Now that you have your crossbow in your possession, you need to equip it with important accessories such as the FIVICS finger spreader, the vane measuring ring, the NEET N-BR-2 bow hook, the Pro Elevation Quiver belt or others. 

Hattila is a great reference in crossbows and now offers you a wide range of crossbows and accessories online. 

Whatever your level, whether you are a complete beginner, a hunter, an experienced shooter, a collector of hunting weapons, you will find at your gun shop, Hattila all the different types of crossbows and all the articles for crossbows including the different spare parts that are difficult to find on the market. Moreover, you can compare the models with each other and see what best meets your expectations. 

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