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Medieval Crossbows

Are you looking for a medieval style crossbow to complete your collection of antique weapons? We offer you medieval crossbows inspired by historical crossbows on our online gun shop. Please note that the products available are not designed for recreational or sport shooting. They are mainly weapons for decoration although some models are really functional. We advise you to keep it only for decorative purposes. Instead, check out our mini crossbows, tactical crossbows, hunting crossbows and pistol crossbows if you want to buy a shooting weapon for practice. They are available with all accessories in our store.

Choose our collectors' items

Medieval crossbows are real collector's items for enthusiasts. They are justly appreciated for their rustic style and authenticity. They are replicas of crossbows used in the medieval period. To impress or surprise your guests, let yourself be seduced by our superb models. Of variable dimensions, from 50 cm to 80 cm, they will easily find their place in an existing collection in a dedicated room, in your office, in your living room... They are also great gift ideas to offer to your loved ones whether they are fans of crossbows or not.

Medieval crossbows differ in many ways from real crossbows designed for shooting. They are, for example, smaller, but also lighter and their power is limited to between 50 lbs and 100 lbs. That is why they are ideal for decoration and as a collector's item. They also have other specific characteristics. They have a wooden handle or stock, a metal bow and a metal stirrup. They are delivered with wooden squares or lines, of varying size.

The crossbow and its origin

The crossbow is believed to have originated in ancient China, where it was used mainly for hunting. The ancient weapon was still without a mechanism. It was in the Middle Ages, around the 10th century, that this weapon underwent great developments when they sought to improve the bow and arrow and make it a more powerful and practical weapon.

The crossbow of the Middle Ages

To create the medieval crossbow, the primitive wooden bow was transformed into a much more powerful metal bow. It had one or more metal strings joined together and instead of a vegetable string, it was equipped with a wire string before the current aesthetic fiber strings. Different systems were invented to automatically reload the weapon. This is the ancestor of the modern crossbow. It will use shorter arrows made of wood, metal or carbon. 

In time, the crossbow was used mainly as a military weapon before it was banned [banned by the Church, because it easily pierced the armor of knights and nobles, and was therefore considered unfair], then replaced by firearms.

The evolution of the medieval crossbow

In order to facilitate the use of the crossbow and maintain its power, the systems for cocking the bow have continued to evolve. To cock the bow, the jack, the stirrup, the crank, the crowbar were invented... To keep the bow cocked and aim without effort, the nut was added. To free the string and to throw the line or the bolt, the regulator was created. 

There have been different types of crossbows since the Middle Ages: jalets, repeating crossbows, stirrup crossbows, lever crossbows, rack and pinion crossbows, windlass jack crossbows and giant crossbows. They are distinguished by their cocking mechanism, i.e., the ways in which the bowstring is strung. The crossbowmen also used different bolts and tips: the draw (carreau or carrel), dondaine, madras, vireton and tranchoir.

The medieval crossbows of collection of artisanal manufacture

Among the collector's crossbows, the handcrafted models are undoubtedly the most appreciated. They accurately reproduce the historical pieces visible on old engravings, in museums or from other historical sources. For the great enthusiasts, there is no more authentic and original than these crossbows. In addition, these replica medieval weapons will add a touch of class to your home.

Why collect crossbows on Hattila?

Hattila is a reference for crossbow and archery. In our store dedicated to these disciplines, we exclusively offer high quality products, declined in different ranges and adapted to all budgets. To do this, we partner with the world's leading manufacturers of crossbows, bows and accessories. We provide you with authentic, beautiful and sometimes unique collector's crossbows that you can proudly display in your own collection of historical weapons at home. They are also the essential accessories for events with themes around the medieval period, castle, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc. Make your choice among our models and receive your order as soon as possible.

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