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Medieval Crossbows

Are you looking for a medieval crossbow to complete your collection of ancient weapons? We offer medieval crossbows on our online armory site, inspired by historical crossbows. Attention, the available products are not designed for recreational shooting or sport shooting. They are primarily decorative weapons, although some models are truly functional. We advise you to keep them solely for decorative purposes. Discover our mini crossbows, tactical crossbows, hunting crossbows, and crossbow pistols if you want to buy a shooting weapon for practice. They are available with all accessories in our shop.

Opt for our collector's pieces

The medieval crossbows are true collector's pieces for enthusiasts. They are particularly appreciated for their rustic style and authenticity. These are replicas of crossbows used in the Middle Ages. To impress or surprise your guests, be captivated by our superb models. With varying dimensions, ranging from approximately 50 cm to 80 cm, they will easily find their place in an existing collection in a dedicated room, in your office, in your living room... They are also beautiful gift ideas to offer to your loved ones, whether they are crossbow fans or not.

The medieval crossbows differ in many ways from true classical crossbows designed for shooting. They are, for example, smaller but also lighter, and their power is limited between 50 lbs to 100 lbs. That's why they are ideal as decorative and collectible items. They also have other specific characteristics. They notably feature a handle or stock entirely made of wood, a metal bow, and a stirrup also made of metal. They come with wooden bolts or arrows of varying sizes.

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