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Finger Tab accessories

Finger Tabs accessories: the essential components for well performed shots

Having the right equipment with the right accessories for bow shooting is essential to ensure comfort and safety. Indeed, shooting an arrow is not risk free, as the repeated string friction on the fingers can seriously damage them. This is why the finger tabs were created! This archer's equipment is particularly suitable for traditional archery or classical archery. However, to take advantage of its efficiency and improve its capacity, the finger tab alone is not enough. It is necessary to accessorize it with different accessories. This is why Hattila offers you a wide range of quality finger tabs accessories. Whether it's spare leathers, screws, modular wedges, finger spreader kits, screw sets, plate sets or other accessories, find the best finger tabs accessories on Hattila with an exceptional price-performance ratio!

Hattila, the specialist for accessories and spare parts for Archery finger tabs

In order to ensure the continued performance or to give a second life to your bow finger tab, some parts can be added or replaced. Find your happiness on our specialized store, we propose you excellent ranges of finger tabs accessories from the biggest brands!

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