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The crossbow case: an essential accessory for crossbows

The crossbow is a very old, powerful and precise weapon which is used in principle to hunt game. This powerful weapon works with arrows and a rigid bow. The crossbow is very appreciated by professional shooters, shooting enthusiasts, but also all collectors of hunting weapons. Moreover, there are several categories of crossbows. In the past, the crossbow was intended for hunting and sport shooting, but nowadays crossbow shooting has become a real hobby for young and old. In addition, the crossbow is light and can be carried wherever you want thanks to the crossbow case. The crossbow case is therefore an accessory for the crossbow that is not mandatory, but makes the shooter's life easier. 

Hattila: your online archery and gun shop

Many sites can offer you weapons such as crossbows, bows, hunting knives, crossbow pistols or others, but to get real authentic and standard products, go to Hattila. Hattila is an online armory and archery shop that offers a wide range of products related to hunting and shooting. You can find all the weapons of your choice, whatever your level. You will also find all the useful accessories to well equip your crossbow. From arrows to different kits to increase or decrease the power of the weapon without forgetting the accessories that facilitate the handling of the weapon by its user as the sight, the glasses and the cases or cases for crossbow, we offer you the best products.

The crossbow case: an optimal protection accessory for your crossbow  

The crossbow is a weapon that cannot be carried bare-handed under penalty of punishment. To carry it discreetly, out of sight, you must have the right equipment. The crossbow case is a useful and indispensable accessory for a crossbowman, whether he is still a beginner or a professional. The crossbow case plays an important role in the preservation of your crossbow. Indeed, it serves to protect it against possible external aggressions (dust, shocks, etc.). Each crossbow case is made of high quality raw material to make it as resistant as possible. At Hattila you will find the crossbow case of your choice. You will find several sizes for different types of crossbows or bows, but also, several materials of manufacture. 

The crossbow case: a practical accessory

Apart from the main role of the crossbow case, which is the protection of the hunting weapon, the crossbow case also has other roles and advantages. Indeed, the crossbow case is more practical. Usually, it has a strap and a handle for easy transportation of the crossbow. With these accessories, you can carry your crossbow case on your shoulder or in a backpack, which is a thousand times more convenient, when you go hunting or go to a shooting range. The crossbow case also has compartments or different pockets where you can store your small accessory packs so that they don't get lost. The crossbow case then helps you to be more organized and focused when shooting. 

The crossbow case: a case for all crossbows

No matter what type of crossbow you have, you will always find the right case for your crossbow or bow. Hattila has a large stock of cases for crossbows. You can order as many as you like online. In addition, the store offers different shapes of crossbow cases. So if you are looking for a case for your weapon, don't waste your time, go to Hattila. In addition to the variety of shapes and sizes, Hattila also offers its shooting customers several designs and colors of crossbow cases. So there is something for everyone. At Hattila you can find several types of crossbow cases, such as the ISY carrying case 105x42x16,5 with cutting foam; the Negrini PP rifle case 95x23x10 cm; the black ABS carrying case 85x30x15 cm with cutting foam and the TEC carrying case X113x46x18 with pre-cut foam Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that you can find other dimensions for the same model.

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Case width

20 - 50

Suitcase length

80 - 130

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