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Rope manufacturing

Rope manufacturing: the right materials for a custom string

Rope manufacturing is an important step because the performance of your bow depends on it. The combination of the limbs and the string ensures a better propulsion of the arrows. With the action of the string, the limbs deform and the energy contained in them is released at the moment of the shot. Therefore, it is necessary to care for your strings and even replace them in certain situations. There are many " ready-made " models available on the market, but most archers are looking for authenticity and customization to perfectly suit their expectations and needs. To get a custom string, manufacturing it is the best option. Through our superb online catalog at hattila.com, find all the tools you need for rope manufacturing for bows!

Hattila: your online reference archery shop for the best tools and equipment

From the various rope manufacturing materials available in our online store, making your own bowstring becomes child's play. It will have all the necessary properties and will be compatible with your bow. At Hattila, you will find a multitude of rope manufacturing materials:

  • serving materials
  • D Loop strings
  • string spools
  • wire slices and spare parts
  • waxes - serving locks - lubricants
  • pliers
  • nocking and Kisser buttons-Accessories
  • materials for strings
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