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Lighting trek, hike and survival

At night, in the forest, a source of light will always be welcome not only to keep predators away, but also to bring more comfort. Apart from the fire, a headlamp, a lantern, a tactical lamp will also be necessary to appreciate nature in all its splendor. These lighting kits will be just as indispensable during evening gatherings with friends while camping, hiking, or in a survival situation or during nighttime walks.

Lighting kits: for the choice of autonomy and safety

Deciding to engage in an outdoor activity is not as simple as it may seem. First and foremost, it is essential to prepare yourself mentally, since the goal of the activity is to reconnect with nature. The comfort of the indoor space will not be there. In addition to the mental preparation, it will also be necessary to be well equipped to face all situations. In this context, first aid kits and survival kits such as knives, cutlery, blankets, tents, bags, compasses and water kits are not to be neglected. The same applies to lighting kits. At Hattila, you will find all kinds of models, including folding LED lanterns, rechargeable LED lanterns and torches.

The different models of lighting kits

A lighting kit is not only composed of a tactical lamp or a headlamp. There are many models on the market, and for each lamp, there is a specific use.

The solar camping lamp

As its name suggests, the solar camping lamp is a lamp that is recharged by the sun. It is ideal for hiking, buschcraft and camping. There are many variations, but one of the most popular is the folding solar-powered lantern. Hattila offers it to you at the best quality-price ratio.

The rechargeable camping lamp

This type of lamp is equipped with a battery and can be easily recharged through their USB port. Hattila offers you a foldable lantern that works with a lithium battery, rechargeable via a power bank.

The battery-operated lamp

The battery-operated lantern works without the need for a power source. You will still need to bring spare batteries if you plan to stay in the wilderness for several days.

The dynamo lamp

Equipped with a crank, this lamp is the model of choice for all self-respecting campers. Simply turn the handle to recharge the lamp. At Hattila, you can find a dynamo flashlight with 3 LEDs for less than 12 euros.

The LED lamp

The LED lamp is a lamp that does not heat up. This means that it is the safest model in the range. Even if it emits a cold light, it remains powerful and has an adjustable brightness.

The anti-mosquito lamp

Comfort and practicality are the criteria that define the mosquito lamp. As its name indicates, it is able to eliminate mosquitoes and harmful flying insects.

How to choose your lighting kit?

To choose your lighting kit, first take the time to analyze your needs. If you want to camp for several days, a solar lamp will be appropriate. For a night hike, a dynamo lamp will be the best choice. If you want to enjoy a beautiful starry night, a mosquito repellent lamp is a must. Finally, to light up the inside of your tent, a LED lamp is the best choice.

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