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Extractors and lubricants

Extractors and lubricants: complementary and necessary equipment

For all archers, having the right equipment is the guarantee of success in archery! It allows you to progress, improve your performance and reach your goals over the course of your sessions. There are various tools to equip your bow and arrow, extractors and lubricants are among them. They are a must have for your arsenal! Generally speaking, arrow extractors, also known as "arrow pullers," are used to extract arrows from targets, mats or dense foam blocks. They provide a good grip on the arrows and offer a risk-free extraction of the tubes, the target or the blazon. Arrow pullers are compatible with all types of tubes. Whether it's carbon, aluminum or wooden tubes, the pullers are ergonomically shaped for comfortable handling. Arrow lubricants provide better adhesion and prevent the arrow tube from adhering to the straw or foam in the target at the moment of impact. This property will provide more ease during extraction. Find on Hattila quality extractors and lubricants from the best brands!

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On Hattila, we provide you with an incredible selection of extractors and lubricants at the best prices.Quality models adapted to your needs and requirements.

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