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Archery books and DVD

Books and DVDs: adapted and efficient supports for your practice

If you are an archery enthusiast or hobbyist and want to discover the world of archery, choose books and DVDs to inspire you! These materials are very effective in learning more about the fundamentals of this activity. Whether it's for recreational shooting, target shooting, nature shooting, competition or bow hunting, everything has been thought to help you evolve and perform in this field. Indeed, everything is learned and nothing is done at random. This practice requires a good mental and physical preparation. Of course, you can count on the help of a coach, but you can also learn and improve your knowledge with books and DVDs. Moreover, it is easier and less expensive. These tools contain useful and relevant information that will certainly be worth the money! There are various learning and introductory manuals for all ages and levels. They have been written by professional archers and consist of the essential points to know: types of bows, materials and equipment needed, basics, techniques, competition rules, glossary and lexicon specific to archery.

Hattila: a reference in archery and product catalog

At Hattila, we provide a selection of books and DVDs, written with the best archers. A unique selection, available in English and French, and offered at attractive prices. These books and DVDs contain: instructions on how to choose and assemble your equipment, practical advice on how to prepare your equipment with care, useful tips on mental preparation, with the aim of obtaining the best performance.

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