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Plastic and metal slingshots 

Before the time of guns and knives, our ancestors used a slingshot to hunt and to protect themselves from predators. Over time, the design has evolved. In the 80's, we remember models with wooden frames and slings made of rudimentary rubber bands. Today, these elements have disappeared to make way for a precision structure with counterweight systems, guaranteeing great shooting power. Even the projectiles used are no longer stones, but specific balls. The modern slingshots are also available in a wide range of models. Hattila offers the latest versions of slingshots in plastic and metal. There is a slingshot for every need, both for survival and for hunting.

The slingshot, a must-have in survival situations

In the practice of survival, getting equipped is essential. But you will also need to equip yourself lightly. In such a situation, the slingshot is useful for two essential elements: hunting and defense. Versatile par excellence, it meets all expectations. For small game hunting, for example, it has a lot of advantages, not least its lightness and discretion. Whether it is made of wood, metal or plastic, it also remains a silent weapon. To defend oneself in a survival situation, it is also essential. Its compact size allows it to be concealed when not needed, and to be brandished quickly in the event of an alarm. Ammunition for a slingshot can also be found everywhere. 

On Hattila, you will find the most popular slingshot models on the market. From the classic model to the most powerful models made of plastic and metal, you have a wide choice.

How to choose your slingshot : the characteristics not to be neglected

We remember playing with the classic slingshots with a wooden frame and stones as ammunition. Today, this equipment has come in many models and has taken on a more robust design. So, in order to find the model that will suit your expectations, it would be better to take stock of these few criteria: 

The material of manufacture

The days of wooden slingshots are long gone. Nowadays, models made of stainless steel and plastic are the most preferred. Metal slingshots are known for their light weight and aggressive design. They also have ergonomic handles and guarantee precision shooting. Some even include a wrist rest, like the Goliath slingshot you'll find at Hattila. You will also find foldable models, as can be seen in the Drogo slingshot, available on the site.

The plastic models, on the other hand, are known for their comfortable grip. Don't underestimate their slightly playful design. These are the models that combine power and precision shooting. On Hattila, discover the famous PRIMO slingshot, available in yellow, metal blue, red and black. 

The rubber band

When it comes to rubber bands, you'll find both flat and tubular bands on modern slingshots. While tubular bands are very durable, flat bands are more flexible and easier to stretch. With the latter, the speed of recovery is faster. 

Whether you are looking for a slingshot with a tubular or a flat rubber band, find the model you need at Hattila: Magnum T1 folding slingshot, slingshot with Whisker, Barnett pro-diablo slingshot and even pocket slingshots. 

The handle, the sight and the shaft 

Apart from the material and the elastic band, it is equally important to pay attention to the handle, the sight and the shaft of the slingshot. The handle should promise an ergonomic and comfortable use. This way, you will be able to handle your slingshot with ease. As for the sight, it can be just as essential, especially for hunting slingshots. A sight will help you improve the accuracy of your shots by adjusting the rubber band according to the range. As for the hollow shaft, it will allow you to store your ammunition and always have it at hand in case of need. It can also be used to store other equipment such as a survival knife.

On Hattila, the online archery reference, you will find the slingshot you need according to your needs. If you want a model with an original look, but which combines speed of fire, precision and lightness, we suggest the Barnett Pro DIABLO slingshot. For the choice of ergonomics, we offer a wide range of flat rubber band slingshots such as the Y10 and the Y11. Hattila also has many accessories to equip your slingshot. From reel kits to slingshot heads and steel ball ammunition, you will find everything on the site.

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