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Steel ball for slingshot

The slingshot is certainly one of those accessories that have entertained generations for decades. Who doesn't remember the good old days of shooting at straw targets using a slingshot and rocks as ammunition? Today, although it is no longer widely used by children, it has gained popularity in the survival and hunting fields. Incorporating a more powerful design, modern slingshots now provide almost bow-like shooting power. While hunting, using a slingshot makes it easy to target small game. And in survival situations, this throwing weapon is essential to adapt to extreme conditions. As far as ammunition is concerned, the stones of yesteryear have been exchanged for denser and more aerodynamic projectiles: steel balls. 

From stones to steel balls 

The slingshot is an invention whose origin dates back to the perfection of rubber. A piece of leather, two Y-shaped limbs and rubber bands were all that was needed to create one. Over time, the design has evolved with a few improvements made to it. Today, most of these jet weapons have a metal handle, flat or tubular rubber bands, stabilizers, a wrist rest and even a sight. In the past, a simple stone was used as a projectile, hence the name of this throwing equipment. But as the practice of slingshot has moved from leisure to hunting and survival, more powerful projectiles have been developed. And among the most powerful are steel balls, which guarantee greater precision and long range. 

At Hattila, you will find a whole range of steel balls, from the less dense models to the most popular ones with a diameter of 10.3 mm. 

The different types of slingshot

It is true that the slingshot has come in several types of models in recent years. You will find :

The rustic slingshot 

This type of slingshot is the most classic of all models. It is made of a Y-shaped piece of wood, a rubber band and a small piece of leather to place the clay projectiles. 

The modern slingshot

This type of slingshot has a metal or plastic frame like most of the models offered on Hattila. It also has an ergonomic handle, a tubular or flat elastic band and other equipment: sight, ball holder, flashlight holder, stabilizer, arm rest, dart holder... You can find projectiles adapted to these different models on Hattila, the reference in gunmaking. 

The different types of ammunition for slingshots

At present, slingshots are equipped with lead ammunition. Some can even fire arrows. But depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of ammunition. First, you have the steel projectiles. These metal balls with a diameter ranging from 0.66 mm to 10.3 mm are the most powerful. To give no chance to the small game you have decided to hunt, these models are the most recommended. At Hattila, you can find packs of 50 balls with a diameter of 9.5 mm. You can also find pots of 100 steel balls with a diameter of 6.5 mm for smaller targets (fish, rabbits, hamsters, ...).

There are also glass projectiles. These are rubber-coated balls that bounce. For shooting practice, they are the most popular. You also have copper projectiles, which guarantee precision shooting. They are light and can be used on all types of slingshots. 

Finally, you have carbide projectiles that have the same performance as steel balls. The only drawback is that they cost more. 

The range of steel balls 

Generally speaking, steel balls promise a fairly long range, especially those with a diameter of less than 10 mm. But the range of the projectiles can also depend on several factors: your strength, your age, the elastic that integrates the slingshot and your shooting technique.  Younger people, for example, shoot at shorter ranges because they do not have enough strength to pull the rubber band. As far as shooting technique is concerned, it all depends on your training. If you take the time to practice properly, you will be able to shoot up to 400 feet with steel balls. As for the rubber band, the softer it is, the faster the FPS. For hunting, choose soft rubber bands that guarantee at least 250 FPS. 

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