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Elastics for Slingshot

Elastic for slingshot

The slingshot is a long-standing weapon. It was used long before knives and guns. Our ancestors even used it for hunting and defense. Over the centuries, the slingshot has remained the weapon of choice for hunters after spears, bows and crossbows. Back in the day, they were constructed with a wooden Y-shaped fork, a rubber band and a piece of leather that served to hold and propel the projectiles. Today, slingshots have evolved in design, providing more power and accuracy of fire. These stone-throwing devices now have a metal or plastic structure, and the traditional rubber bands have been replaced by more powerful models. Discover on Hattila the most powerful rubber bands on the market. Tubular, single, double or triple-stranded, there is something for everyone. 

Elastic bands, a must for slingshots

On a slingshot, the rubber band is undoubtedly the key element that guarantees the shooting power. The softer the rubber band, the further the projectile will be propelled because the tension of the shot will be high. This explains how the slingshot has become an indispensable tool in the field of survival. Discreet and silent, it can easily reach small game. 

Since the rubber band is an essential part of the slingshot, it is important to know how to maintain it. Otherwise, it will tear, dry out and crack. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to replace it. At Hattila, you will find a range of replacement elastics suitable for different types of slingshots. One of the most popular models among slingshot enthusiasts is the double-stranded, black looped rubber band for the LPC005 slingshot. Hattila also offers a simple replacement rubber band for the LPC015. 

A slingshot as a hunting and defense tool

Many young children enjoy throwing small projectiles with a wooden slingshot. But slingshots can be more than just toys. In the field of hunting, amateurs and professionals alike use them to track small game. With a powerful and structurally modified model, it is possible to kill a carp, a Flanders giant or even a large bird. A slingshot can also be used as a defensive tool. Its compact size allows it to be easily concealed in a back pack or jacket pocket. 

Things to consider when buying a slingshot

Buying a slingshot requires attention. Your choice should be based on the use you wish to make of it. 


First, you should consider the material from which it is made. You will find metal, a light, solid material that is more resistant than wood. It will be preferred for hunting and survival. Wood is the most traditional material for making traditional slingshots. Slingshots made from this material are perfect for practice. Finally, you'll find plastic, an affordable material that's lightweight and durable at the same time. However, it is not as strong as metal and wood. 

Elastic bands

Generally, there are two types of slingshot rubber bands: tubular and flat. Tubular rubber bands are the most preferred for hunting slingshots. They are known for their strength and durability. Flat rubber bands, on the other hand, are more flexible and easier to tension. With these models, the rate of fire is much higher than average. This is why they remain a good option for defensive slingshots. Hattila offers a wide range of flat and tubular rubber bands. No matter which model of slingshot you have at your disposal, Hattila offers you a suitable replacement elastic. For example, you have the special elastic for arrows for the LPC006 slingshot. Or you can use the double elastic band for the Primo 2 slingshot. For the choice of shooting power, opt for the 3-strand replacement rubber band available for the LPC004 slingshot models. Hattila also has a rubber band slingshot head capable of shooting arrows. 

How do I maintain the rubber band on my slingshot?

The elastic band is the most important part of the slingshot and is undoubtedly the most fragile. Even if it has a long life span, without maintenance, it can quickly become detached and crack. To do this, think of oiling it from time to time with a product specifically dedicated. Also, avoid putting it in contact with water. If you want to shine your slingshot, use a slightly dampened microfiber cloth and avoid touching the elastic bands.

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