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Recurve Bows

Are you a beginner in archery? Hattila your online archery offers you a selection of the best bows for beginners to allow you to learn and improve your archery skills! You will find bows for recreational archery for both juniors and seniors, whether for teaching, training or just starting.

Archery is a recreational sport accessible to a wide public, even children! To get the most out of your archery, you will need a bow adapted to your body type and strength. You have to take into consideration several factors such as your dominant eye, your size, your gender, and your body type.

For better results and to provide an ideal shooting comfort for beginners, Hattila offers a wide range of high-quality beginner's bows. They are available in several models and adapted to different types of shooting.

The recreational bow is a low-poundage bow, between 15 and 30 lbs, and is available in several sizes.

For children, the beginner bow is rather between 15 and 20 lbs. You will find bows designed with all the safety necessary to start this activity as a leisure activity. It's nonetheless important to have an instructor or an adult to supervise your child's archery.

In general, the composition of a beginner's bow is quite simple. It consists of a riser, two limbs, and a string. You will also be able to add a wide range of bow accessories such as sight, an arrow rest, a quiver, all available on our online site.

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