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Archery physical condition

Archery physical condition: tools to acquire a better performance

To succeed in shooting bows is a long term activity. It is essential to have a good physical condition and a great mental strength. It is an activity that requires patience, endurance, concentration, determination and agility. Even the best archers train daily to be up to the task during competitions. There are many materials designed specifically to optimize your performance and enhance your abilities. These tools are mainly used as training aids and warm-ups.

Hattila : your specialist in training equipment

At Hattila, we have a superb catalog of products to help you improve your physical condition. You will find: warm-up elastics, training ropes, elbow bands, weights, as well as training equipment. There are also shot counters and shooting training systems to track your performance in real time. This equipment helps you progress quickly and safely. Other equipment, including Neet true shots, are used to improve your flexibility, suppleness and accuracy. Don't wait any longer to discover all this training equipment on our specialized online store! We offer a wide range of high quality equipment from the major archery brands.

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