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Drakon & FMA Supersonic

Drakon &FMA Supersonic: the best crossbows in the world

When practicing your favorite activity, remember to bring the best weapons and accessories! Drakon &FMA Supersonic crossbows are some of the best on the market. From the same factory, these fabulous draft weapons are very similar in many ways. However, there are a few differences that make them unique.

Hattila : the store specialized in draft weapons

At Hattila, discover one of our best selections in crossbows: the FMA Supersonic and the Drakon. We have decided to make a special category with all their accessories for these two crossbow models.

The FMA Supersonic crossbow

The FMA Supersonic is an excellent compromise between power, performance and speed. With its incredible characteristics, this mini crossbows is considered the ultimate in weaponry. It has short limbs with a power of 120 lbs. Its power allows it to reach a high speed of 330 FPS (362 km/h). This crossbow gun comes with various accessories to be " ready to use " :

  • Allen wrench
  • High Impact large point arrows
  • long rail and screw kit
  • X-BOW case

The Drakon crossbow

The Drakon crossbow has a power of 100 lbs rating with a breathtaking 290 FPS (318.2 km/h). This compound crossbow has a long trigger that offers a better grip when shooting. It is equipped with 4 lighted reticles with 5 adjustable brightness levels as well as a Red Dot sight. This Drakon crossbow can be offered with :

  • large arrows with small points
  • an Allen key
  • a tube of lubricating wax
  • a bow press
  • and a quiver

Its stock is adjustable in several positions to ensure stable shots at all times. All in all, these two crossbows are easy to mount, cock and decock. They offer safe and effective shooting.Don't miss out on these quality models at unbeatable prices at hattila.com!

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