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LARP/Tag archery

The real-life role-playing game also known as LARP or Live Action Role-Playing Game is a fun activity that involves playing as characters evolving in a historical or fictional universe. Participants act out their characters in physical actions and according to rules set by the facilitators.

The Archery tag is the archery equivalent of paintball. Participants are equipped with a bow and arrows with foam tips. Players are divided into two competing teams. The winner is decided upon the fullfilment of one of the following conditions in the given time:

- all the players of a team have been hit by their opponents,
- all five targets of one of the teams have been hit by their opponents.

Hattila, a specialist in bows and original weapons, offers its customers a wide range of products for archery enthusiasts. Here you can find its best collection of LARP equipment or Archery tag.

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