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Leisure crossbows

Leisure crossbows: a wise choice for learning to shoot

Are you a leisure shooting enthusiast or hobbyist? Then get your leisure crossbow without delay! Usually found as pistol crossbow, leisure crossbow offer an excellent compromise between lightness, efficiency, power and performance. In your garden or in leisure centers, equip yourself with this magnificent weapon in order to enjoy beautiful recreational sessions in complete safety!

Lightweight and easily handled leisure crossbows

Its greatest asset? Leisure crossbows weigh between 350 g and 1 kg, which makes them easily handled and allows great mobility anytime. No matter what position you are in, you have complete mobility, which is a great advantage. In addition, the shooter's physical strength is no longer required due to the crossbow brace which supports the arrow, holds the string and releases it with a simple mechanism. However, these leisure shooting crossbows need to be accessorized to reach great performances. Browse our online catalog and find your leisure crossbow, accessories and equipment, such as a case, frames, scopes, arrowheads, string, targets, etc.! Trust your great crossbow reference Hattila, to offer you and guarantee you the best quality and the best products.

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