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Watches and Bracelets

Although survival watches and bracelets may seem unusual, you should reconsider their importance in survival situations. The best survival watches and bracelets are not just for looking good, telling the time or setting an alarm. These accessories have many distinct features and are worth considering when preparing for an expedition. They have been well thought out and designed to help you in many adventures and sometimes dangerous situations.

Durable watch

The survival watch must always work even after a fall. Whether you are climbing a mountain, venturing into a swamp, or crossing a river, your survival watch must be able to withstand erosion, mud or water. Its components must be strong, durable and made of the highest quality materials.


The survival watch and bracelet should be versatile. When you go outdoors, avoid overloading yourself. Therefore, have the right tools with you to ensure your survival. In this case, place for example on your wrist, with the watch and the survival bracelet: the whistle, the compass, the flint, the aluminium rod that makes the fire, lamp, etc.

Self-winding watch

If you are planning to spend a long time in the wild, it is best to choose an automatic watch. No batteries are needed, it goes up as soon as you put it on.

Length of paracord

Survival bracelets come in several lengths of paracord, it is necessary to choose a bracelet with a paracord length of at least 3 metres for best use.

Bracelet size

First measure your wrist to find a survival bracelet that fits your wrist. If you have a larger wrist, look for a wrist that fits.

Closing the bracelet

There are survival bracelets with shackles or clips on the market. Survival bracelets with shackles are hand-woven and very aesthetic. Survival bracelets with clips are more sober and practical. Also pay attention to the tightening mechanism of the bracelet, which must be able to be attached to your wrist, but also to other equipment.

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