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Alimentation trek, hike and survival

Having a good alimentation, with adequate nutritional intake, is a vital issue on a wilderness expedition. Whether you're going on a hike, a trek or a survivalism expedition, you're putting your body through a lot. You need to be able to provide it with the energy and stamina it needs or risk putting your health and life at risk. There are nutritious foods and compact food equipment specifically designed for survival or long treks, such as:

Here are some practical tips to help you decide what you should pack in terms of food before you head out on your adventure:

  • the length of your expedition;
  • the available and edible food resources you might find in your trip area;
  • your daily energy and nutritional requirements;
  • the reserves and survival portions you can take with you without overloading yourself;
  • the possibility of bringing along cooking supplies.

Tip: Eating well is important, but never forget to stay well hydrated throughout your trip.

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