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Just like food, washing is also essential during outdoor activities or in survivalism. Yes, a complete survival bag includes hygiene equipment and products, alternatives to the shower. The elements not to be neglected are essentially: the folding toothbrush, the soap and shower gel, as well as the towel in microfiber. Indispensable for the well-being and health.

In addition to the toiletry kit, every survivalist will be able to take a bucket or a shower basin as well as compact wipes in his pack. The hydroalcoholic solution for hand washing is also a very effective accessory. It is also important to keep your clothes clean. An clothesline will also be useful in this case, to dry them quickly in the sun.

Solar shower
Sold out
Solar shower

For a better hygiene during your survivalism activities, get this solar shower ! With a capacity of 20 or 40 L, it allows you to take a shower during your bivouacs in survival.
Mil-TecPro pocket stove spare burner
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Create more heat using this Mil-TecPro pocket stove spare burner! This is the kind of source of energy that guarantees efficiency and reliability in any survivalism situation.
Pocket handwarmer for fuel sticks
Sold out

Keep your hands warm with this pocket handwarmer for fuel sticks! This hand warmer is an essential piece of equipment to complement any survivalism equipment dedicated to hygiene.
Tinplate pocket stove
Sold out

Keep your hands warm with this tinplate pocket stove during your survivalism related activities! This model is easy to carry.

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