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Power & Fire trek, hike and survival

Having electricity

As much as it is essential to hydrate and feed yourself in the middle of survival situation, it is equally important to have electricity at your disposal. Indeed, the need for electricity remains undeniable, whether for lighting or for recharging certain electronic devices. Various power and fire equipment are available to provide more lighting and to make fire in any survival situation. Today, survivalists can acquire equipment adapted for outdoor activities in order to have electricity in all circumstances. The batteries and solar panels, dynamo chargers or portable wind turbines are all power solutions, even in the wilderness. Whether you are hiking, camping, trekking or in a survival situation, you will not lack electricity. Wind chargers and dynamos of only 400 grams are proposed on the market. They will perfectly complement your bivouac equipment.

Making fire

The method of rubbing wood is an age-old technique for making fire. However, in some circumstances, it is not always effective, especially when the wood is not very dry. There are much more efficient alternatives: flint, firelighters, waterproof matches or solar lighters. With these tools, you can make fire anywhere and in any conditions. Light and compact, they will easily find their place in one of the pockets of your survival suit or in your hiking bag. Hattila.com offers a variety of fire and power equipment for the survivalist or trekking enthusiast. Moreover, being able to make a fire in a survival situation is also essential for preparing food. Hence the importance of choosing quality, durable and practical products.

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